Sep. 20, 2014
Big Data in the Life Sciences
Guest Speaker: Larry Smarr, Director, Calit2; et al.
Location: Newport Beach, CA
Sep. 29, 2014
Workshop on Data-Aware Energy Use
Guest Speaker: Rajesh Gupta, CSE Chair (Organizing Committee), et al.
Location: UC San Diego
Oct. 1, 2014
Educating Millions Online - A Revolution?
Guest Speaker: Sebastian Thrun, Udacity
Location: UC San Diego
Oct. 6, 2014
Creating Connections
Guest Speaker: Wendy Ju, Stanford University
Location: UC San Diego
Oct. 10, 2014
Contextual Robotics Technologies International Forum
Guest Speaker: Matt Grob, CTO, Qualcomm (pictured);
Location: UC San Diego
Detail of the scarab found at Khirbat Hamra Ifdan
September 16, 2014
UC San Diego-led Team Discovers Scarab from Time of Biblical Pharaoh
The scarab bears the name of Sheshonq I -- the only historical figure mentioned in both the Hebrew Bible (as Shishak) and Egyptian monuments indirectly related to the Biblical King Solomon.
3D rendering of site at El Zotz

September 12, 2014
Capturing Ancient Maya Sites from Both a Rat’s and a ‘Bat’s Eye View’
Stojan Radic

September 9, 2014
UC San Diego Researchers Build First 500 GHz Photon Switch
Ramon Huerta

September 8, 2014
Chemical Sensor Array to Monitor Daily Habits of the Elderly, Detect Anomalies
Ryan Kastner

September 5, 2014
Two Nominees, One Winner for Best Paper at Field Programmable Logic Conference
Yannis Papakonstantinou and Yoav Freund

September 3, 2014
NSF Awards Database Grant to Improve Efficiency of Sensor Data Analytics