Using the Calit2 Building WebCam

I. How to acquire control privileges for the camera

  • Click the "Start Control" button to acquire control privileges.
  • Once control privileges are acquired, the "Camera control status window" turns to green.
  • The number beside the click icon is your period of exclusive control - 30 seconds!

II. How to control the camera

  • Changing the camera angle by clicking:
    When you click on the panorama window, the camera pans and tilts so that the place you clicked moves to the center.
  • Changing the camera angle by dragging:
    When you drag the bottom and right side sliders of the panorama window, the camera pans and tilts to shoot the area in the frame.
  • Use the far right slider bar to change the camera zoom ratio.
  • You can adjust the backlight by clicking the icon that displays a face and sun. Click the icon again to cancel backlight adjustment.
  • To take a snapshot of the video, click on the camera icon. The still picture will open up in a new window. You can then save or print the snapshot using your Web browser.