A critical component of this project will be soliciting input from individuals, companies, academic researchers in a variety of disciplines, and health care providers regarding their thoughts on the value and challenges of using real-world personally measured to improve public health. Potential issues range from how to facilitate sharing of these type of data will preserving anonymity to how best to make subsequent data useful to citizen scientists.

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We would appreciate your input as we move forward with this project. If you have any input you would like to share with us (what questions would you like to see us ask, what are your thoughts or concerns in this project area, links to existing exemplar projects) please send us an email at

You are invited to participate in our "Health Data Exploration Project: Personal Data for the Public Good" by filling in one of our surveys. We are looking for individuals who self-track data and for researchers with an interest in conducting research in this area. We are also looking for companies in this space who would be willing to participate in follow-up interviews. There are separate surveys for each of these groups.

The Health Data Exploration Surveys are confidential for individuals and researchers. Your name will not be associated with the survey you took. We estimate that taking a survey and sharing your feedback will take 15-20 minutes.

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If you have a quick thought you would like to share with us regarding this project, in specific how you might use this type of data please tweet your thoughts with the hashtag #hdexplore

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