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Khoshabeh and Geist Resea

October 14, 2004
Video IV
Ramsin Khoshabeh (right) and Stephen Geist on research at "Remote Tietz Camera Control on the 3MV UHVEM"
Speaker: Ramsin Khoshabeh
[news release]
[video]Length: 7:06

Takumi Takahashi Video

October 14, 2004
Video V
Takumi Takahashi on "Grid Portal for Microarray Analysis"
Speaker: Takumi Takahashi
[news release]
[video]Length: 3:18

Jared Bell Video

October 14, 2004
Video VI
Jared Bell on research at "NCHC National Center for Research of Earthquake Engineering"
Speaker: Jared Bell
[news release]
[video]Length: 4:31

Robert Ikeda Video

October 14, 2004
Video VII
Robert Ikeda on "Hyperbolic Layout of Biological Networks"
Speaker: Robert Ikeda
[news release]
[video]Length: 3:29

Peter Arzberger Video

October 14, 2004
Video VIII
Peter Arzberger on undergraduate research about cyberinfrastructure.
Speaker: Peter Arzberger
[news release]
[video]Length: 4:04

Andrew McCulloch Video

October 14, 2004
Video IX
Andrew McCulloch on his role as a UCSD mentor.
Speaker: Andrew McCulloch
[news release]
[video]Length: 1:39

Linda Feldman Video

October 14, 2004
Video X
Linda Feldman of UCSD's Academic Internship Program, congratulates returning students on their success.
Speaker: Linda Feldman
[news release]
[video]Length: 1:33

Irwin Jacobs Video

October 12, 2004
Jacobs Video
Irwin Jacobs Addresses SD Telecom Council
Speaker: Irwin Jacobs, CEO, QUALCOMM
[web article]
[video]Length: 1:10:00


October 11, 2004
Digital Human Cloning
Speaker: Henrik Wann Jensen, Prof, Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD Jacobs School
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Larry Smarr

October 4, 2004
The OptIPuter: From the Grid to the LambdaGrid
Speaker: Larry Smarr, Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology [Calit2], and the Harry E. Gruber Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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