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Keynote speaker Ginger Graham, CEO of Amylin Pharmaceuticals

May 9, 2006
UCSD Startup Bootcamp
Speaker: Ginger Graham, CEO, Amylin Pharmaceuticals et. al., 20 speakers.
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[webcast archive] Length: Day-long

Leslie Lenert at NASA

April 24, 2006
WIISARD Director Addresses NASA
Recently Calit2 associate director Leslie Lenert addressed NASA's 15th International Continuing Health Education Series, to report on the WIISARD project and emergency medical preparedness. His talk is now available for on-demand viewing. [Real player required]
Speaker: Leslie Lenert, M.D., Associate Director, Calit2 and Professor, School of Medicine
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April 21, 2006
4th Annual Shannon Memorial Lecture
Speaker: Richard E. Blahut, Henry Magnuski Professor of ECE
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[webcast] Length: 56:52

Robert Sah

April 5, 2006
Robert Sah Receives HHMI Professorship
Robert Sah talks about using his HHMI professorship to improve undergraduate bioengineering education at UCSD.
Speaker: Robert Sah, UCSD Bioengineering, Professor
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Pavel Pevzner

April 5, 2006
Pavel Pevzner Wins HHMI Professorship
Pavel Pevzner talks about using his HHMI funding to teach algorithmic techniques to UCSD biology majors.
Speaker: Pavel Pevzner, Computer Science and Engineering, Professor, UCSD
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KPBS Radio

April 3, 2006
KPBS Radio: Calit2 Living in the Future
In this report that first aired on KPBS Radio's early morning program (for later airing on NPR's The California Report), Beth Ford Roth visits Calit2 at UCSD and spoke with some of its leaders and scientists. Audio only. To download the podcast version to your computer, go to
Speaker: Larry Smarr, Ramesh Rao et. al., Calit2
[video]Length: 5:13

Eugene Meyer

March 30, 2006
Visualizing the Nano World
Speaker: Edgar Meyer, Texas A and M, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics
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Larry Smarr

March 29, 2006
The Coming Revolution in Environmental Awareness
Speaker: Larry Smarr, Calit2, Director
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[webcast archive] Length: 38:50

Larry Smarr and Gavin Newsom at FirstMile.US conference

March 24, 2006
FirstMile.US Presentation Videos
More than a dozen presentations are now available in streaming video for on-demand viewing from the FirstMile.US conference held at Calit2 in late March.
Speaker: Gavin Newsom et. al., Mayor of San Francisco
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FirstMile.US President Susan Estrada

March 23, 2006
FirstMile.US Spring Conference
Speaker: Susan Estrada, et. al., President, FirstMile.US
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