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Digital Archaeology

October 27, 2008
Digital Archaeology Sheds Light on Biblical History
King Solomon's (Copper) Mines?
Speaker: Tom Levy, Associate Director, CISA3
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[video]Length: 12:16

MerbCamp held at Calit2

October 26, 2008
MerbCamp Streaming Videos
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Craig Mundie, Microsoft

October 10, 2008
Shaping the Future with Technology
Speaker: Craig Mundie, Microsoft Corp., Chief Research and Strategy Officer
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[webcast archive] Length: 1:13:11

Vijay Vazirani, Georgia Tech

October 9, 2008
Nash Bargaining Via Flexible Budget Markets
Speaker: Vijay Vazirani, Georgia Tech, Professor
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[webcast archive] Length: 56:12

Presentations from CalREN-XD HPR Workshop

October 8, 2008
Archived Video from CalREN-XD/HPR Workshop at Calit2
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[webcast archive] Length: Multiple

Adriene Jenik (left) and Ricardo Dominguez

October 2, 2008
Gallery @ Calit2 Artist Talks
Speaker: Adriene Jenik, Ricardo Dominguez et. al., Professors, Visual Arts, UC San Diego
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[webcast archive] Length: 1:21:26

September 22, 2008
Research Needs and Trends in Terahertz Science and Technology
Speaker: Gian Piero Gallerano, ENEA (Italy), Department of Physics Technologies and New Materials
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[webcast archive] Length: 41:19

September 22, 2008
THz and mm-Wave Imaging for Analyzing Art Materials
Speaker: Kaori Fukunaga, NICT (Japan)
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[webcast archive] Length: 31:27

ISCAR 2008 Live Streaming Video Webcast

September 11, 2008
ISCAR 2008: Ecologies of Diversity
Speaker: Olga A. Vasquez, UC San Diego et. al., Professor and Conference President
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Andrew McCulloch

September 4, 2008
Multi-Scale Modeling of the Heart
Speaker: Andrew McCulloch, UCSD Bioengineering, Professor
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[webcast archive] Length: 56:49

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