OptIPuter Open House Presentations Available in Streaming Video

San Diego, CA, January 27, 2007 -- The Calit2-led OptIPuter project held its annual All Hands Meeting (AHM) last week, providing a status report in Year Five of the project (which ends next September). The closed-door sessions on Jan. 22 were for funded and affiliate partners, but for the first time, OptIPuter organizers opened up some of the sessions on Jan. 23 for an "open house," to anyone interested in learning more about the four-year-old project that is developing and deploying a powerful, distributed cyberinfrastructure to support data-intensive scientific research and collaboration.

To watch individual video clips, click on the image or video link below [Real player and broadband connection required].

Dan Sandin
OptIPuter Teleconferencing: Next Steps
Dan Sandin
UIC Electronic Visualization Lab/Calit2
Length: 14:34 [video]
Dan Sandin 2
Varrier Autostereoscopic VR Display: An OptIPuter Display System
Dan Sandin
UIC Electronic Visualization Lab / Calit2
Length: 6:30  [video ]
Jason Leigh SAGE Future Plans
Jason Leigh
UIC Electronic Visualization Lab
Length: 8:49  [video]
Cees de Laat Lambda-Grid Projects in 2007 and Beyond  
Cees de Laat
University of Amsterdam
Length: 15:14  [video]
Joe Mambretti International High Performance, High Definition Digital Media Using Dynamic Optical Multicast and L2 Frame Duplication
Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University
Length: 9:05  [video]
Peter Otto High Resolution Audio Networking over IP
Peter Otto
UCSD / Calit2
Length: 9:12  [video]
Jack Ox Streaming Audio for CineGrid and GridJam
Jack Ox, New-Media Artist
Length: 6:39  [video]
Panel Discussion International Collaborations Panel
Larry Smarr, Calit2; Radha Nandkumar, NCSA; Cees de Laat, Univ of Amsterdam; Tom DeFanti, Calit2/UIC; Paul Gilna, CAMERA/Calit2; Peter Arzberger, PRAGMA/UCSD/Calit2
Length: 55:19 [video]
Matthew Arrott
Length: 5:07    [video ]
Wrapup The Road Ahead: Wrap-up
Larry Smarr, Director, Calit2 (Moderator)
Length: 1:08:06  [video]

By the September 30, 2007, end of the NSF OptIPuter grant, investigators will have tested and demonstrated robust use of key OptIPuter implementations, including configurable networks, optimized resource selection, and high-speed transport protocols. A full report on the OptIPuter AHM will be available shortly on the Calit2 and OptIPuter websites. 

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