RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Comparative Genomics - Videos Available

San Diego, CA, October 11, 2007 -- Large-scale genome sequencing projects are generating vast amounts of data for a multitude of organisms, including mammals and other vertebrates, invertebrates, fungi, plants, bacteria, and viruses. As the data increase, so do the opportunities and the challenges for scientists to interpret them. Comparative genomics lies at the forefront of this challenge.

The RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Comparative Genomics, held at Calit2's Atkinson Hall September 16-18 2007, is a forum on all aspects and components of this field, ranging from new quantitative discoveries about genome structure and process, to theorems on the complexity of computational problems inspired by genome comparison.

Archived webcasts of the conference are now available for On-Demand viewing [Windows Media Player and a Broadband Connection Required; click for information on the latest version, and on other players for Macs and Linux ]

See the conference website for talk abstracts, conference proceedings, and other information.




Glenn Tesler
Opening Remarks
Glenn Tesler, UC San Diego
Length: 10:10 [video] [PDF]
Video in Real Media format due to technical difficulties
Michael Eisen
Keynote: Function and Evolution of Regions Bound by Drosophila Transcription Factors
Michael Eisen, UC Berkeley
Length: 1:05:56 [video]
Cedric Chauve
Inferring a Duplication, Speciation and Loss History from a Gene Tree
Cedric Chauve, Simon Fraser University
Length: 23:43 [video] [PDF]
Max Alekseyev
Multi-Break Rearrangements: From Circular to Linear Genomes
Max Aleksyev, UC San Diego
Length: 20:47 [video] [PDF]
Yuhong Guo
Learning Gene Regulatory Networks via Globally Regularized Risk Mimimization
Yuhong Guo, University of Alberta
Length: 23:03 [video] [PDF]
Mathieu Lajoie
Evolution of Tandemly Arrayed Genes in Mulitple Species
Mathieu Lajoie, University of Montreal
Length: 24:21 [video] [PDF]
Annelyse Thevenin
A Pseudo-Boolean Programming Approach for Computing the Breakpoint Distance Between Two Genomes with Duplicate Genes
Annelyse Thévenin , Universite Paris-Sud
Length: 20:37 [video] [PDF]
Craig Nelson
Factors Influencing the Fate of Mammalian Gene Duplicates
Craig Nelson, University of Conneticut
Length: 22:52 [video] [PDF]
Karin Dorman
Spatial Fluctuation of Recombination Rates in the HIV Gemome: A Computational Model Identifies Hotspots
Karin Dorman, Iowa State University
Length: 17:34 [PDF]
Matthew Hahn
Keynote: Quantifying Gene Gain and Loss in Mammals
Matthew Hahn, Indiana University
Length: 46:36 [video] [PDF]
Aaron Darling
Selection on Genome Arrangement in a Recently Emerged Bacterial Pathogen
Aaron Darling, University of Queensland
Length: 18:06 [video] [PDF]
James Dengan
Coalescent Consequences for Consensus Cladograms
James Degnan, University of Michigan
Length: 23:24 [video] [PDF]
Maureen Stolzer
Reconciliation with Non-Binary Species Trees
Maureen Stolzer, Carnegie Mellon University
Length: 17:05 [video]




Ajit Varki
Keynote: Multiple Geneteic Differences in Sialic Acid Biology Between Humans and Great Apes
Ajit Varki, UC San Diego
Length: 42:19 [video] [PDF]
Igor Sharakhov
Reconstructing and Inversion History in the Anopheles gambiae Complex
Igor Sharakhov, Virgina Tech
Length: 23:17 [video] [PDF]
William Arndt
Improving Inversion Median Computation Using Commuting Reversals and Cycle Information
William Arndt, University of South Carolia
Length: 20:28 [video] [PDF]
Hao Zhao
Recovering True Rearrangement Events on Phylogenetic Trees
Hao Zhao, Genome Institute of Singapore
Length: 29:31 [video] [PDF]
Katherine S. Pollard
Keynote: Accelerated and Biased Nucleotide Evolution in the Human Genome
Katherine S. Pollard, UC Davis
Length: 1:00:04 [video] [PDF]
Daniel Goodman
Baclovirus Phylogeny Based on Genome Rearrangements
Daniel Goodman, UC San Diego
Length: 21:42 [video] [PDF]
Jian Ma
Selecting Genomes for Reconstruction of Ancestral Genomes
Jian Ma, UC Santa Cruz
Length: 18:05 [video] [PDF]
Simon Gog
How to Achieve an Equivalent Simple Permutation in Linear Time
Simon Gog, University of Ulm
Length: 20:45 [video] [PDF]
Jie Zheng
A Rigorous Analysis of the Pattern of Intron Conversation Supports the Coelomata Clade of Animals
Jie Zheng, National Center fo Biotechnology Information, National Institutes of Health
Length: 26:28 [video] [PDF]
Oliver A. Ryder
Keynote: Genomics and Bioinformatics: Applications to Conservation Efforts for Endangered Species
Oliver A. Ryder, Zoological Society of San Diego
Length: 1:08:34 [video]




Francessca D. Ciccarelli
Keynote: Gene Structure Modifications in Primate-Specific Duplicates
Francessca D. Ciccarelli, European Institute of Oncology (Italy)
Video not available at this time
Jian Ma
A Heuristic Algorithm for Reconstructing Ancestral Gene Orders with Duplications
Jian Ma, UC Santa Cruz
Length: 18:05 [video] [PDF]
David Sankoff
Parts of the Problem of Polyploids in Rearrangement Phylogeny
David Sankoff, University of Ottawa
Length: 24:42 [video]
Glen Tesler
Closing Remarks
Glenn Tesler, UC San Diego
Length: 2:22 [video]
Joint Session With RECOMB Cancer Biology
Mona D. Lee
UC Discovery Grant
Mona D. Lee, UC San Diego
Length: 4:55 [video] [PDF]
James Mullen
James Mullen, Morison & Foerster, LLP
Length: 3:33 [video]
Dennis Carson
Dennis Carson, Moores UCSD Cancer Center
Length: 3:01 [video]
Barbara Trask
Keynote: Dynamic Duplications in the Human Genome
Barbara J. Trask, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute
Video not available at this time


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