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Because Calit2 is an experiment in inventing the academic research environment of the future, it also has an impact on education. Through Calit2, students gain experience to complement their coursework in large-scale, interdisciplinary, team-oriented projects that conduct research, prototype technologies, and test those technologies in the field. The experience they gain makes them especially valuable to potential employers, including Calit2 industrial and community partners.

For graduate students, Calit2 supports fellowships and research assistantships. These are normally allocated through academic departments.

For undergradutes, Calit2 supports summer undergraduate research scholarships. UCSD has offered this program since 2001, supporting 15-20 students doing full-time research for 10 weeks over the course of the summer, complemented by a series of meetings focusing on issues of importance to this age group. UCI began a similar program in the summer of 2005.

Students should also consult their respective course catalogs for classes that engage with Calit2. These classes include ECE 191 at UCSD, a summer sensor networks course at UCSD, and a sociology class related to homeland security at UCI.