An ever-increasing amount of data relevant to individual and collective health and wellbeing is being generated from self-tracking behaviors that leverage sensors, consumer electronic devices, smart phones and their app ecosystems and web services. Additionally, there are increasing opportunities for consumers to leave health-related digital footprints as they purchase health and fitness devices, interact on social networks and go about their daily lives.

The Health Data Exploration project recognizes that companies that manufacture tracking devices, store and offer services based upon the information these devices collect, and/or offer other services relevant to health are vital stakeholders in the emerging new ecosystem of digital personal and population health. As part of our project, we would like to assess your company’s potential interest in supporting the use of these data by researchers with an interest in improving individual and population health.

Key questions we are hoping to solicit your input on:

  • Are you presently using the data you collect to collaborate with researchers outside your company on studies that can be shared widely with others? If so, what contributed to your ability to do so?
  • If you are not doing this, what barriers do you foresee if your company were interested in sharing data with academic researchers?
  • Do you know of any existing business models that provide incentives for companies to share their self-tracked user data to support research done for the public good?
  • Do you have systems in place that support users who wish to export data measured with your device/sensor/app so that they can share it outside of your database or web site?

The on-line survey is now closed and the Health Data Exploration project team are working on the final analysis and preparation of a public report. The report will be published on this site during the first quarter of 2014.