Temporal Dynamics of Learning: New Center's Inaugural Meeting Now Available in Streaming Video

By Doug Ramsey, 858-822-5825, dramsey@ucsd.edu

San Diego, CA, January 15, 2006 -- The first annual All Hands Meeting of the Calit2-based Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center (TDLC) took place this week. (To read a report on the meeting, click here .) The two-day event was webcast and most of the talks are now available for on-demand viewing. To watch individual video clips, click on the image or video link below [Real player and broadband connection required].

Monday, January 8, 2007
Garrison Cottrell, PI, TDLC
Welcome and TDLC Vision
Garrison Cottrell, PI, TDLC
Computer Science and Engineering
Length: 40:49  [video]
Isabel Gauthier
The Perceptual Expertise Network: A Seed for the Network-of-Networks Collaborative Model
Isabel Gauthier, Vanderbilt University
Length: 59:08  [video]
Brenda Turnbull
Evaluation of the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center
Brenda Turnbull, Economic Policy Studies
Length: 44:47  [video]
Mark Applebaum Data Sharing: Cooperation or Competition? 
Mark Appelbaum, UCSD Psychology
Length: 49:49  [video]
Andrea Chiba Introduction to the Initiatives
Andrea Chiba, UCSD Cognitive Science and TDLC Science Director
Length: 5:16  [video]
Initiative 1 Temporal Dynamics of the World
Dan Feldman
Temporal Aspects of Sensory Processing in the Rat Whisker System
Dan Feldman, UCSD and co-PI
Length: 20:32  [video]
David Sheinberg Neural Dynamics and Visual Recognition
David Sheinberg, Brown University
Length: 15:25  [video]
Javier Movellan Computational Approach to Timing in Social Interaction
Javier Movellan, UCSD
Length: 14:59   [video ]
Initiative 2 Temporal Dynamics of the Brain
Andrea Chiba Overview
Andrea Chiba, UCSD Cognitive Science
Length: 4:10   [video
Yang Dan Visual Cortical Waves and Activity Dependent Plasticity
Yang Dan, UC Berkeley
Length: 17:17  [video]
Howard Poizner Brain Dynamics and Motor Control
Howard Poizner, UCSD
Length: 15:22   [video ]
April Benasich Parsing the Associations Between Temporal Dynamics and Emerging Language in the Developing Brain
April Benasich, UCSD
Length: 18:08   [video ]
Janet Wiles, University of Queensland Background Context of Neurogenesis: Hippocampal Circuit
Janet Wiles, University of Queensland
Length: 16:23   [video ]
Mike Mozer, University of Colorado Theories of Spacing Effects
Mike Mozer, University of Colorado
Length: 3:51  [video]
Bob Clark, UCSD Temporal Organization of Long-Term Memory: Parallel Studies in Humans and Rodents
Bob Clark, UCSD
Length: 13:00  [video ]
Hal Pashler, UCSD Improving Human Learning and Retention Via the Temporal Dynamics of Study
Hal Pashler, UCSD and Mike Mozer, University of Colorado
Length: 12:14  [video ]
Tim Curran ERP Studies of Perceptual Expertise and Memory
Tim Curran, University of Colorado
Length: 11:35  [video ]
Tom Palmeri, Vanderbilt University Time Course of Visual Object Processing
Tom Palmeri, Vanderbilt University
Length: 14:44  [video ]
Sean Montgomery, Rutgers University Gamma Oscillations Couple Hippocampal Networks During Performance of a Memory Task
Sean Montgomery, Rutgers University
Length: 21:31  [video ]
Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Initiative 3 Temporal Dynamics of Movement and Exploration
Emo Todorov, UCSD and Initiative Coordinator Overview and a Computational Theory of Active Sensing 
Emo Todorov, UCSD and Initiative Coordinator
Length: 24:05  [video ]
Virginia de Sa, UCSD Computational Transformations in the Visual Pathway
Virginia de Sa, UCSD
Length: 15:33  [video]    
Gary Cottrell, UCSD
Eye Movements, Recognition, and Memory
Gary Cottrell, UCSD
Length: 32:49  [video]
Initiative 4 Temporal Dynamics of Learning
Terry Sejnowski, Salk Institute Overview of Initiative 4
Terry Sejnowski, Salk Institute and TDLC Initiative 4 Coordinator
Length: 18:04  [video]   
Tony Bell, UC Berkeley The Math of Learning at Different Scales
Tony Bell, UC Berkeley
Length: 19:06  [video]   
Facilities Motion Capture and Brain Dynamics
Emo Todorov, UCSD Overview of Equipment, Support and Policies
Emo Todorov, UCSD|
Length: 23:56  [video ]
Marni Stewart Bartlett, UCSD Face Recognition and Video Processing Software
Marni Stewart Bartlett, UCSD
Length: 15:08  [video ]
Scott Makeig, UCSD Mobile High-Definition EEG Brain Imaging
Scott Makeig, UCSD
Length: 17:47  [video ]
Diversity, Education and Outreach
Gary Cottrell, UCSD Diversity Initiatives
Gary Cottrell, UCSD and Director, TDLC
Length: 13:18  [video ]
Paula Tallal, Rutgers University Education and Outreach Center and Partner Scientific Learning Corp.
Paula Tallal, Rutgers University
Length: 16:18  [video ]
Eric Jensen Corporate Partner: Jensen Learning Corp.
Eric Jensen, President
Length: 15:51  [video ]
Doris Alvarez, Preuss School Preuss School UCSD: A Laboratory for Learning
Doris Alvarez, Preuss School
Length: 12:55  [video ]
Shana Carpenter, UCSD The Preuss Project: Applying the Principles of Testing and Spacing to Classroom Learning
Shana Carpenter, UCSD
Length: 7:12   [video]
Bob Schultz, Yale Face Recognition Deficits in Autism: The Let's Face It Computerized Intervention
Bob Schultz, Yale (left); Jim Tanaka, University of Victoria
Length: 23:09  [video ]
Javier Movellan, UCSD The RUBI Project & UCSD Early Childhood Development Center
Javier Movellan, UCSD (left); Kathryn Owen, UCSD Early Childhood Development Center
Length: 20:16  [video ]
Gary Cottrell, Director, TDLC
Closing Session
Gary Cottrell, Director, TDLC (Moderator)
Length: 17:10  [video]

For more on the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center, go to the center's new website at http://tdlc.ucsd.edu .

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