Thermotoga 2007 Workshop Proceedings Now Available in Streaming Video

San Diego, CA, July 17, 2007 -- In recent years, large-scale genomics and structural genomics projects, as well as individual research groups, have created an extraordinary wealth of data on  Thermotoga maritima,  a unique model organism. Much of the research was on display July 9-10 at Thermotoga 2007, a two-day interdisciplinary workshop at the UCSD Division of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2).

The event was organized by the Joint Center for Structural Genomics (JCSG), which brings together researchers from The Scripps Research Institute, Genomic Research Foundation, Stanford University, Burnham Institute for Medical Research and UC San Diego. JCSG has focused on high-throughput structural genomics of T. maritima and solved structures of 160 proteins from this organism. As part of this effort, the Calit2-based JCSG cloned, expressed and purified almost all soluble proteins of T. maritima.

Most of the workshop presentations are now available below for on-demand viewing as streaming video (Real player and broadband connection required).  

Monday, July 9, 2007
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
John Wooley
Welcome and Introduction
John Wooley ,
Length: 4:28 [video]
Kenneth Noll
Biology, ecology, and physiology of the Thermotogales and impact of genomics
Kenneth Noll ,
University of Connecticut
Length: 33:14 [video]
Scott Lesley
JCSG resource, structural and functional analysis Scott Lesley , JCSG (TSRI and GNF)
Length: 33:09 [video]
Elizaveta Bonch-Osmolovskaya
Diversity and distribution of Thermotogales in different thermal environments
Elizaveta Bonch-Osmolovskaya , Institute of Microbiology (Russia)
Length: 31:04 [video]
Emmanuel Mongodin
Genome Sequencing: T. maritima and T. neapolitana
Emmanuel Mongodin , TIGR
Length: 30:37 [video]
Robert M. Kelly
Functional genomics studies of carbohydrate utilization and production in Thermotoga maritima
Robert M. Kelly , North Carolina State University
Length: 23:55 [video]
Alla Lapidus
Genome sequencing: other Thermotogales
Alla Lapidus ,  JGI
Length: 30:37 [video]
Peter Schoenheit
Glycosis in Hypothermic Archaea and Thermotoga
Peter Schoenheit ,
Institut foer Allgemeine Mikrobiologie, Christian-Albrechts-Universitat (Germany)
Length: 31:36 [video]
Ian Wilson
Structural Genomics of T. maritima 
Ian Wilson ,  TSRI
Length: 38:50 [video]
Frank Jenny
The Pathway and Enzymology of Hydrogen Production by T. maritima
Frank Jenney
University of Georgia (Michael Adams Lab)
Length: 26:13 [video]
Adam Godzik
Structural Modeling
Adam Godzik , JCSG (BIMR)
Length: 29:37 [video]
Mary Roberts
Osmotolerance pathways in Thermotoga and other hyperthermophiles
Mary Roberts ,
Boston College
Length: 27:00 [video]
Camilla Nesbo
Evolution and horizontal gene transfer
Camilla Nesbo ,
Ford Doolittle Lab
Length: 22:36 [video]
Manal A. Swairjo
Determining the function of TM0039 by a Combined Comparative Genomic, Biochemical and Structural Approach
Manal A. Swairjo , Western University of Health Sciences (Pomona, CA)
Length: 23:11 [video not available]
Michael Galperin
Comparative genomics
Michael Galperin , NCBI
Length: 25:38 [video]
Vincente Rubio
Enzymology of Arginine biosynthesis
Vincente Rubio ,
Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia (Spain)
Length: 19:31 [video]
Robert Edwards
Annotations, subsystem-based approach
Robert Edwards , SDSU, ANL, FIG
Length: 20:17 [video]
Grant Pearce
Enzymology and Regulation Lysine Biosynthesis in Thermotoga
Grant Pearce , University of Cantebury (New Zealand)
Length: 16:07 [video]
Ines Thiele
Metabolic Modeling
Ines Thiele ,
UC San Diego
(Bernhard Palsson Lab)
Length: 29:13 [video]
Anatoly Chernyshev
Thermotoga flavin-dependent thymidylate synthase: Implications for oxygen metabolism
Anatoly Chernyshev
University of Iowa
Length: 16:24 [video]
Andrei Osterman
Filling-in gaps in metabolic pathways
Andrei Osterman ,
Length: 26:16 [video]
Said Eshagi
Determining the Structure of Thermotoga Membrane Proteins
Said Eshagi ,
Karolinska Instituet (Sweeden)
Length: 21:43 [video]
Piet Lens
Bioreactor applications for Thermotoga
Piet Lens ,
Wageningen University (Netherlands)
Length: 23:28 [video]
Mark Levisson
Crystal Structure and Biochemical Properties of a Thermostable Esterase From Theormotoga maritima
Mark Levisson
Wageningen Agricultural University, Netherlands
Length: 12:14 [video]
Wolfgang Liebel
Genes and Enzymes of Polysaccharide Degradation of Thermotoga maritima
Wolfgang Liebel , Institut f. Mikrobiologie und Genetik
Length: 23:23 [video]
Linda Columbus
Structure and Function at the Thermotoga maritima Membranes
Linda Columbus , TSRI
Length: 17:03 [video]
Natalia Malstev
Analysis of Thermotoga genomes using PUMA2/GNARE systems
Natalia Malstev ,
University of Chicago and Argonne Lab
Length: 15:07 [video]
Boguslaw Stec
Unusual 3D Structures of IPS and IMPase that cobine Bacterial and Archaeal Gene Features
Boguslaw Stec ,
Bunham Institute
Length: 17:03 [video]
John Wooley
Exploring The Future
John Wooley ,
UC San Diego
Length: 10:14 [video]
The structural data and biological materials compiled by JCSG researchers on T. maritima are freely available to the research community, and they have already spawned several collaborative projects on function and mechanism of action of specific proteins. Thermotoga 2007 led into a three-day conference, Metagenomics 2007, which also took place in Atkinson Hall, the home of Calit2 on the UCSD campus.

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