On-Demand Streaming Video Archive of the 2008 Information Theory and Applications Workshop

By Alex Matthews

San Diego, CA, March 17, 2008 -- Missed the 2008 Information Theory and Applications Workshop at Calit2? If you weren't among the nearly 500 people from around the world who crowded into Atkinson Hall and UCSD's Computer Science and Engineering Building for the week-long conference, now there is an opportunity to catch up on some of the highlights.

In collaboration with the UCSD Division of Calit2, where it is based, the Information Theory and Applications (ITA) Center is opening up the webcast archive of talks recorded and replayed with permission of the speakers. In addition to a special session in memory of information-theory pioneer and father of "group codes" David Slepian, and a game-show parody called "Who Wants to be a Researchaire?", the recorded talks included a keynote on "non-regenerative relaying in mesh networks" by Martin Vetterli (of Switzerland's EPFL) and several tutorials.

Archived webcasts of select panels and talks are now available for on-demand viewing [Windows Media Player and broadband connection required; click for information on the latest version, and on players for Mac and Linux users ]. To watch each video, click on the image or highlighted video link.

Jack Wolf
David Slepian Memorial Session
Jack Wolf, UC San Diego (moderator); Andrew Viterbi, Viterbi Group; Dave Forney, MIT; Thomas Cover, Stanford; Toby Berger, University of Virginia; Richard Blahut, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Length: 1:05:03 [video]
ITA Game Show
Who Wants to be a Researchaire?
Ruediger Urbanke, EPFL (Moderator); Tara Javidi, UCSD (Introduction)
Length: 55:41 [video]
Manish Agarwal
Limited Feedback Performance for Block Fading Channels
Manish Agarwal, Northwestern University
Length: 26:44 [video]
Lingjia Liu
On the Delay-Sensitive Communication over Wireless Systems
Lingjia Liu, Texas A&M University
Length: 20:50 [video]
Wenyi Zhang
A Spectrum-Shaping Perspective on Cognitive Radio
Wenyi Zhang, University of Southern California
Length: 28:23 [video]
Salman Avestimehr
Wireless relay networks: deterministic modeling and capacity approximation
Salman Avestimehr, UC Berkeley
Length: 24:06 [video]
Yindi Jing
Relay Beamforming in Networks with Perfect Channel Information
Yindi Jing, UC Irvine
Length: 23:41 [video]
Oren Somekh
Non-regenerative Relaying in Mesh Networks
Oren Somekh, Princeton
Length: 23:45 [video]
Martin Vetterli
Sparse Sampling: Variations on a Theme by Shannon
Martin Vetterli, EPFL and UC Berkeley
Length: 1:08:19 [video]
Emmanuel Candes
A Short Introduction to Compressed Sensing
Emmanuel Candes, Caltech
Length: 1:20:08 [video]
Al Hero
Signal Processing for Integrative Bioinformatics
Alfred Hero, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Length: 1:21:07 [video]
Pietro Perona
Visual Recognition: Why, How, When
Pietro Perona, Caltech
Length: 1:20:48 [video]
Malcom Slaney
We Are Drowning in Multimedia Data. Hurray!
Malcolm Slaney, Yahoo! Research
Length: 1:06:50 [video]