Brains R Us: The Science of Educating Video Archive

By Alexander Matthews, and Tiffany

San Diego, CA, May 27, 2008-- As the nation struggles with issues facing its educational system, the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center at UC San Diego and The Science Network held a public discussion March 3 to examine the insights and solutions that neuroscience has to offer.

“Brains R Us” – a town hall meeting on the “science of educating, from synapse to schoolroom, neurons to neighborhoods” – brought together researchers, educators, policymakers, parents and students for an interactive, daylong discussion. The event wa s co-sponsored by the UCSD Office of Research Affairs, UCSD Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind, Scientific Learning Corp., Crick-Jacobs Center at the Salk Institute, and the UCSD division of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2). 

Archived webcasts of the videos are now available for on-demand viewing. [ Windows Media Player and broadband connection required; click for information on the latest version, and on players for Mac and Linux users. ] To watch each video, click on the image or highlighted video link.

Mike Merzenich
Mike Merzenich, Francis A. Sooy Chair of Otolaryngology, UC San Francisco, Founder, Scientific Learning Corporation
Length: 6:45 [video
Terry Jernigan
Terry Jernigan, Professor of Psychiatry, UC San Diego
Length: 7:28 [video
Urs Ribary
Urs Ribary, Leadership Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience in Childhood Health and Development, Simon Fraser University
Length: 8:38 [video
Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek
Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, Director, Infant Language Laboratory, Temple University; Member, Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center
Length: 6:59 [video]
Brain Panel
Panel Discussion: Brains
Length: 40:52 [video]
 David Boulton David Boulton, Co-Producer and Creator, Children of the Code
Length: 21:00 [video
John Corcoran
John Corcoran, Author, The Bridge to Literacy: No Child-or Adult left Behind
Length: 17:13 [video]
Panel Discussion Schools
Panel Discussion: Schools
Length: 57:13 [video]
 Paula Tallal Paula Tallal, Co-Director, Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience, Rutgers University; Founder, Scientific Learning Corporation; Co-Director, Educational and Outreach Center, TDLC
Length: 7:35 [video
 Adele Diamond Adele Diamond, Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, University of British Columbia
Length: 13:08 [video
 Javier Movellan Javier Movellan, Director, Machine Perception Laboratory, UC San Diego; Co-Principal Investigator, Social Interaction Network, TDLC
Length: 08:16 [video
 Hal Pashler Hal Pashler, Professor of Psychology, UC San Diego
Length: 11:16 [video
 Mary Helen Immordino Yang Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Brain and Creativity Institute/Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California
Length: 11:01 [video
 Kurt Fischer Kurt Fischer, President, Society For Mind, Brain and Education, Harvard University
Length: 8:53 [video
Panel Discussion Children
Panel Discussion: Children
Length: 32:44 [video]
Nancy Farnan
Nancy Farnan, Director of Teacher Education, San Diego State University
Length: 8:58 [video]
Barbara Edwards
Barbara Edwards, Professional Development Coordinator, CREATE, UC San Diego
Length: 5:19 [video
Michael Dabney
Michael Dabney, Director of News Media Relations and Public Relations, Student Educational Advancement Division, UC San Diego
Length: 6:52 [video]
 Eric Jensen Eric Jensen, Founder and Director, Jensen Learning Corporation
Length: 7:09 [video
Kathleen Paliokas
Kathleen Paliokas, Director, Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium at the Council of Chief State School Officers
Length: 6:04 [video]
Jennifer Husbands
Jennifer Husbands, Director of Teacher Credentialing & Support, High Tech High; Member, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Length: 5:33 [video
 David Lightfoot David Lightfoot, Assistant Director, National Science Foundation
Length: 11:46 [video
 Jim Nelson Jim Nelson, Executive Director, AVID
Length: 10:47 [video
Panel Discussion Teachers
Panel Discussion: Teachers
Length: 15:25 [video
Leon Lederman Leon Lederman, Nobel Laureate (Physics 1988); Director Emeritus, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory; Founder, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Length: 9:39 [video
Panel Transformation Panel Discussion: Transformation
Length: 22:04 [video]

As an extension to the event,  Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman spoke on March 4 about science education.See The Science Network website for more information and Flash video versions of the sessions.  

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