Brazilian Media Arts Festival Features Calit2, UCSD Art Installations and CineGrid 4K Cinema

San Diego, August 24, 2008 -- Researchers and artists affiliated with Calit2 at UC San Diego helped organize the first 4K digital cinema festival ever held in South America, as part of the FILE Media Arts Festival held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this month. The 4K Festival was co-organized by Calit2 and UCSD's Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) with the cooperation of the CineGrid consortium.

UCSD researchers at FILE festival
UCSD delegates at FILE 2008 in Sao Paulo included (l-r) Calit2's Mike Toillion, CRCA director Sheldon Brown, and CRCA technical director Todd Margolis.

4K is a new, ultra high-definition video format featuring nearly nine million pixels per frame. Specifically,  the format includes 4,069 horizontal pixels, and  2,160 vertical pixels.

The 4K festival at FILE -- the Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica -- coincided with the exhibition of Sheldon Brown's interactive art installation, Scalable City, from which a 4K short movie has also been created. The 4K festival included other work created at UCSD, including Calit2 media specialist Mike Toillion's Beatbox360, as well as 4K content from the Cinegrid Exchange,
including Dan Sandin's A Study of 4D Julia Sets.  The 4K screening was featured in the opening ceremonies of the festival, and there were screenings several times each day during the first week of the festival, which ends on August 31.

At the end of the first week of the festival, Sheldon Brown,  Peter Otto, Todd Margolis, Mike Toillion and Jane De Almeida -- all from UCSD -- participated in a panel discussion about 4K digital cinema. 

Discussions ranged from the large impact that 4K as a new cinematic form has on culture, to the particularities of how it is produced, and the role that consortia such as Cinegrid have in the cultivation of new forms of digital cinema and the creative workflows to support them.

In addition to the UCSD entities and the Calit2-incubated CineGrid consortium, supporters of the 4K festival included Zaxel Systems, Inc., which provided a 4K video server; Sony Electronics Inc., which provided a Sony 4K SXRD projection system; and Absolut Technologies, whose 4K visualization system was installed at the FILE festival venue.

Zaxel CEO Nori Suzuki also presented a talk on the technical considerations of current and future digital cinema systems at FILE.

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