Calit2 at UC San Diego Sponsors International Webcast of ISCAR 2008 Proceedings

San Diego, Sept. 4, 2008 -- As part of its co-sponsorship of the Second Congress of the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR), Calit2 will stream more than 25 hours of live video presentations from the conference at UC San Diego -- and several of those sessions will also be accessible in the online virtual world of Second Life.

ISCAR 2008
To watch the live webcast stream from ISCAR during the conference days/hours below, click here or on the image above. [Windows Media player and broadband connection required]. Anyone having trouble connecting to the webcast, or trying to access from a Mac, should click here for trouble-shooting instructions.

Each of the following sessions will be webcast live at the designated Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7). Most sessions will originate from the Calit2 Auditorium in UCSD’s Atkinson Hall, except where noted. 



08:30-09:00 Opening Ceremony (Webcast originates from Price Center Ballroom A.)

09:00-09:35 Keynote: The Earliest Stages of the Cultural Development of the Child
Vladimir P. Zinchenko, Moscow State University of Psychology

09:35-10:05 Keynote: Collaboration in Teaching, Learning and Creating
Vera John-Steiner, University of New Mexico

10:05-10:40 Keynote: Culture and Development in the Age of Hyper-Globalization
Michael Cole, University of California , San Diego

10:40-10:50 Welcome: Marye Anne Fox, Chancellor, UC San Diego

(Afternoon sessions originate from Calit2 Auditorium, Atkinson Hall)

02:00-03:30 Practice in the Center: Starting Points in Cultural Historical Science
Seth Chaiklin, Jean Lave, Ray McDermott, Uffe Juul Jensen

03:45-05:15 Self in Culture in Mind
Andrés Santamaría Santigosa, Tia G. B. Hansen, Lucía Ruiz-Ramos, Marcia L. Ruiz, Manuel de la Mata Benítez, Knut A. Guldbrandsen, Astrid Kleis, Laura Quintanilla, Kristine Jensen de López, Encarnación Sarriá


08:30-09:15 International Perspectives on Theory
Ana Luiza Smolka, Antonia Candela, Mohamed Elhammoumi, Hiroaki Ishiguro, Mariane Hedegaard

09:30-11:00 Dialectical Psychology
Michael Cole, Boris Meshcheryakov, Jonna Kangasoja, Jan Derry, Alexander Surmava, Elena Sokolova, Lev Naumenko, Alexander Simakin

11:10-12:45 The Social Construction of CHAT: An Intervention
Cathrene Connery, Michael Cole, Yrjö Engeström, Vera John-Steiner, Anna Stetsenko, Vladimir Zinchenko

01:50-3:20 Variations on a Theme: Adaptations of Informal Education Innovations in
                   Different Sociocultural Contexts
Michael Cole, Charles Underwood, Leann Parker, Olga Vasquez, Mayra Martinez, Sylvia Rojas-Drummond, Nancy Mazon, Jose Luis Lalueza, Isabel Crespo, Remedios Rubio

05:20-6:40 Inside the Thinking Factor: From Retrospective to Prospective Education
Keynote: Alex Kozulin, Hebrew University  (This talk will stream from University of San Diego's Kroc Center for Peace and Justice. For this webcast only, the streaming video will be available at  during the session. Windows Media player required.)


08:00-09:15 International Perspectives on Theory
Vitaly V. Rubstov, David Bakhurst, Mary VanDer Reit, Carol Lee, Minati Panda

09:30-11:00 Learning Over Time: Empirical and Methodological Issues in the
                    Investigation of Classroom Talk and Interaction
Mari Haneda, David Bloome, Marlene Beierle, Margaret Grigorenko, Neil Mercer, Judith Kleine Starrman, Lyn Dawes, Gordon Wells, Tamara Bell

11:10-12:45 Philosophical Aspects of Vygotskian Research and the Social Mind
Jan Derry, David Guile, John Hardcastle, Anna Sfard

01:50-03:20 Multiple Mediation and Boundary Crossing in Development and Learning
Hanna Toiviainen, Hannele Kerosuo, Kai Hakkarainen, Harry Daniels, Anne Edwards, Jane Leadbetter, Paul Warmington, Hanna Toiviainen

03:30-05:00 Ethnography, Discourse and CHAT
Norma Gonzalez, Neil Mercer, Carol Lee, Mariette de Haan


08:30-09:15 Keynote: The Future of Activity Theory: A Rough Draft
Yrjö Engeström, University of Helsinki

09:30-10:50 Theory as Practice: The Distributed Impact of LCHC as an Activity
Luis C. Moll, Ray McDermott, Roy Pea, Alberto Rosa, Lois Holzman, Barbara Rogoff

11:00-12:30 CHAT Perspectives from the African Continent
Willem Wardekker, Ritva Engestrom, Mohammed-Aminu Sanda, Elizabeth Henning, Bruce Nduna, Sarah Gravett, Nadine Petersen, Gadija Petker, Jocelyn Sackey, Mary van der Riet, Joanne Hardman, Edward Muthivhi

01:45-03:15 Developing Historical Approaches in Spain : Theoretical and
Manuel de la Mata, Beatriz Gomez-Estern, Ma Jesus Cala, Mercedes Cubero, Rosario Cubero, Andres Santamaria, Juan Ramirez, Jose A. Sanchez, Maria J. Marco, Josue Garcia, Virginia Martinez, Ignacio Montero, Concepcion San Martin

03:30-05:00 Technological Tools and Discursive Context
Charles Crook, Bob Cluely, Stella Hadjistassou, Livia Motta

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 (from Price Center Ballroom East)

08:30-10:00 Theory as Practice: The Distributed Impact of LCHC as an Activity
System II
Luis Moll, Ray McDermott, Dennis Newman, Robert Rueda, Warren Simmons

10:15-11:30 Keynote Panel: Understanding Technological Re-mediation: From Artefacts to “Habitats” & Ecologies of Diversity at ISCAR on Digital Video
Victor Kaptelinin, Bonnie Nardi, Azure Steward, Levi Maaia

11:30-12:00 Closing Keynote: Learning by Observing and Pitching into CommunityEndeavors
Barbara Rogoff, University of California , Santa Cruz

12:00-12:30 Closing Ceremony and Digital Ethnography Video

Note to Viewers: The roster of panels above includes speakers and co-authors; typically only one speaker will deliver the presentation of a joint paper, i.e., only three or four people will present at each panel. Check back at the conclusion of the ISCAR Congress, to watch individual, archived presentations.


Calit2 will also be webcasting some of the above presentations in the online virtual world, Second Life, to the "island" operated in SL under the auspices of San Jose State University . Three sessions will be 'broadcast' to SL (all times are local Pacific Daylight/GMT-7):

 - Thursday, 11:10-12:45: Philosophical Aspects of Vygotskian Research and the Social Mind
 - Friday, 9:30-10:50:       Distributed Impact of LCHC as an Activity System
 - Friday, 3:30-5:00:         Technological Tools and Discursive Context

In addition, one session will be dedicated to discussing Second Life and "Exploring Mind in a New Dimension". On Tuesday afternoon, 3:45-5:15 in the Calit2 Theater, ISCAR participants at the live presentation will have the opportunity to engage others around the world who are viewing the session in SL (with the virtual world displayed on the Theater's large screen). Speakers will include Donna Russell, Julia Gillen, Bruce Robinson and Michael A. Evans.

For tutorials, how to sign up and get instructions on how to access the conference in Second Life, visit the SJ State site at

Media Contacts

Doug Ramsey, 858-822-5825,

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