Streaming Video from CalREN-XD/High Performance Research Workshop Now On-Demand

By Alex Matthews

San Diego, Oct. 7, 2008 --  Streaming video is now available for on-demand viewing from CENIC's CalREN-XD/High Performance Research Workshop in September that took place at Calit2 on the UC San Diego campus. The invitation-only workshop showcased end-to-end applications among California researchers and collaborators regionally, nationally and globally. California-based scientists who are doing advanced networked applications provided real-time demonstrations, while university-campus chief information officers presented case studies of modifications or overlays to existing campus infrastructure that were put in place to connect research labs to CalREN-XD (XD stands for "experimental/developmental") at the campus edge.

Archived webcasts of select panels and talks are now available for on-demand viewing [Windows Media Player and broadband connection required; click for information on the latest version, and on players for Mac and Linux users ]. To watch each video, click on the image or highlighted video link.

Jim Dolgonas
Jim Dolgonas, CENIC President and CEO
Length: 08:02 [video]
John Dundas
Workshop Overview
John Dundas, Caltech
Chair of CENIC XD/HPR Committee
Length: 08:52 [video]
Arthur B. Ellis
Developing a Strategic Plan for Cyberinfrastructure Research for a University Campus and System
Arthur B. Ellis, Vice Chancellor of Research UCSD
Length: 25:48 [video]
David Reese
CalREN Infrastructure
David Reese, CENIC Chief Technology Officer
Length: 11:44 [video]
Ken Lindahl
CalREN Infrastructure
Ken Lindahl, UC Berkeley • Chair of CalREN-HPR Technical Advisory Council
Length: 15:38 [video]
John Dundas
John Dundas, Caltech
Chair of CENIC XD/HPR Committee
Length: 03:52 [video]
Marye Anne Fox, Chancellor UCSD
Marye Ane Fox, Chancellor UCSD
Length: 02:35 [video]
Ed Seidel, NSF
The Future of Cyberinfrastructure
Ed Seidel, NSF
Director NSF Office of Cyberinfrastructure
Length: 1:02:15 [video]
Alternate Endings, Richard Weinberg USC
Alternate Endings Interactive 4K Demonstration
Richard Weinberg
Professor, USC School of Cinematic Arts
Length: 42:05 [video]
Brian Dunne, Calit2 UCSD
Workshop Network Instrumentation and Measurements
Brian Dunne, Calit2 UCSD
Senior Network Engineer
Length: 07:53 [video]
Day1 Discussion CENIC CalREN-XD/HPR
Discussion by Organizers and Demonstration Participants
Various CENIC Members
Length: 40:58 [video]
SEPTEMBER 16, 2008
Jim Davis, UCLA
The UC Research Cyberinfrastructure, The Grid and The Network
Jim Davis, UCLA
Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
Length: 29:54 [video
Laurin Herr and Tom DeFanti, CineGrid
Laurin Herr, CineGrid • Co-Founder / Pacific Interface, Inc. • President
Tom DeFanti, Calit2@UCSD • Senior Research Scientist
Length: 37:52 [video
John Silvester, USC
eResearch Collaboration Across the Pacific
John Silvester, USC
Professor, Viterbi School of Engineering
Length: 33:30 [video
Larry Smarr, Calit2
The OptIPlanet Collaboratory
Larry Smarr, Calit2 Executive Director
Length: 31:02 [video]
Elazar Harel
Campus Infrastructure Case Study - UC San Diego
Elazar C. Harel, UC San Diego
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administrative Computing and Telecommunications
Length: 30:58 [video
Peter Siegel
Campus Infrastructure Case Study - UC Davis
Peter M. Siegel, UC Davis
Vice Provost for Information and Educational Technology and Chief Information Officer
Length: 29:08 [video]
Dana Roode
Campus Infrastructure Case Study - UC Irvine
Dana Roode, UC Irvine
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Network and Academic Computing
Length: 19:11 [video]
Jim Dolgonas, Closing Comments
Closing Comments
Jim Dolgonas • CENIC President and CEO
John Dundas, Caltech • Chair of CENIC XD/HPR Committee
Length: 07:49 [video]

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