Schuller Receives Faculty Research Lecturer Award

San Diego, February 9, 2009  --  Physicist Ivan K. Schuller, a longtime participant in Calit2 on the UC San Diego campus who played a critical role in developing its Nano3 cleanroom facility, has received the Academic Senate Faculty Research Lecturer Award for the 2007-08 academic year. Schuller was selected along with philosopher Donald Rutherford for the prestigious awards.

Ivan Schuller
Physicist Ivan K. Schuller

The award recognizes faculty whose research has made a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge. The award is presented annually to two researchers: one from the arts, humanities or social sciences, and one from the sciences. Each recipient presents a lecture on a topic of their choice; is honored by the faculty at a reception; and receives a $1,000 award.

UC San Diego physics professor Ivan Schuller is being recognized for his contributions in transforming shake-and-bake metallurgy into a precise, nano-scale science. The award also recognizes his ability to present difficult concepts to both experts and lay people with excitement and humor. Schuller was the star of UCSD-TV’s award-winning documentary, “When Things Get Small”, about nanoscience, a program funded in part by Calit2. (Schuller and UCSD-TV producer Rich Wargo are currently hard at work on a sequel, "When Things Get Big.")

In addition to playing a wacky version of himself in "Small" documentary, Schuller is a fellow of the American Physical Society and a member of the Chilean, Spanish and Belgian Academies of Sciences. He has won many awards, including the American Physical Society’s Wheatley and Adler Awards, the German von Humbold prize, the Materials Research Society Medal and the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Award. Schuller also recently received a Doctor Honoris Causa from the oldest and largest university in Spain, Universidad Complutense. He has published more than 450 technical papers and patents, has given more than 250 invited lectures at international conferences and is one of the 100 most-cited physicists worldwide, out of 500,000, in the last 15 years.

UC San Diego's Academic Senate Faculty Research Lecturer Award was established in 1982 and started recognizing faculty for the 1983 academic year. At that time, the award went to one faculty member each year. In 1996, the Academic Senate decided to recognize two faculty members per year. Past recipients include recent Nobel prizewinner Roger Tsien, Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, David Noel Freedman and Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, among more than 20 others.

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