ITA Workshop 2009 Now Available in Streaming Video

By Alex Matthews

San Diego, CA, April 2, 2008 -- Missed the 2009 Information Theory and Applications Workshop at Calit2? If you weren't among the more than 500 people from around the world who crowded into Atkinson Hall and UCSD's Computer Science and Engineering Building for the week-long conference, there is an opportunity to catch up on some of the highlights.

In collaboration with the UCSD Division of Calit2, where it is based, the Information Theory and Applications (ITA) Center is opening up the webcast archive of talks recorded and replayed with permission of the speakers. (Names of presenters are in bold italics.) Archived webcasts of select panels and talks are now available for on-demand viewing [Windows Media Player and broadband connection required; click for information on the latest version, and on players for Mac and Linux users ]. To watch each video, click on the image or highlighted video link.

 M. Debbah
Open issues on the statistical spectrum characterization of random Vandermonde matrices
M. Debbah
, O. Ryan, and G. Alfano
Length: 7:20 [video]
 N. Marina
Game theory, information theory, and random matrix theory: An ever closer union
N. Marina
, Z. Han, M. Debbah, and A. Hjorungnes
Length: 8:14 [video]
R. Urbanke
Construction of polar codes with large exponent
S.B. Korada, E. Sasoglu, and R. Urbanke
Length: 9:29
C. Nair 
Bounds on broadcast channels
C. Nair
Length: 9:47 [video]
 Alon Orlitsky
Order from disorder
H. Das, O. Milenkovic, and A. Orlitsky
Length: 14:13 [video
 Relief: Information Therapy
Relief: Information Therapy
Ruediger Urbanke
Length: 52:08 [video]
 HP Shiang Informationally-Decentralized Decision Making in Dynamic Multi-Hop Wireless Networks for Real-time Multimedia Streaming
H.-P. Shiang
Length: 22:31 [video]
 Gagan Raj Gupta Delay-efficient control policies for wireless networks
Gagan Raj Gupta
, Purdue, and Ness B Shroff, OSU
Length: 20:36 [video]
 Radhakrishna Ganti Interference and outage in clustered wireless networks
Radhakrishna Ganti
, Notre Dame
Length: 23:29 [video]
 Marios Kountouris Transmission capacity of SDMA wireless ad hoc networks
Marios Kountouris
and Jeffrey G. Andrews, The University of Texas at Austin
Length: 25:24 [video]
 Min Chen Transmission and resource management strategies for (bi-directional) relay-assisted wireless communications
Min Chen
and Aylin Yener, Penn State
Length: 22:00 [video]
 Muhamma Zia Blind detection of high rate generalized space-time block codes
Muhammad Zia
and Zhi Ding, UC Davis
Length: 24:05 [video]
 Raj Kumar Channel state feedback over the MIMO-MAC
K. Raj Kumar
and Giuseppe Caire, USC
Length: 25:15 [video]
 Madhu Sudan
Keynote presentation
Local algorithms and error correction
Madhu Sudan
Length: 57:42 [video
 Ankit Gupta Operational Duality between Lossy Compression and Channel Coding: Channel Decoders as Lossy Compressors
Ankit Gupta
and Sergio Verdu, Princeton
Length: 14:21 [video]
 Dinesh Krithivasan

Algebraic structures for distributed source coding
Dinesh Krithivasan
and S. Sandeep Pradhan, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Length: 26:38 [video]

 Bobak Nzer Exploiting interference through structured codes
Bobak Nazer
, UC Berkeley
Length: 24:10 [video]
 Ramesh Rao
Panel discussion: On Funding
Chair Ramesh Rao , Calit2 UCSD
Robert Bonneau, AFOSR and Sampath Kannan, NSF
Length: 43:12 [video

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