Violence, Technology and Public Intervention

By Alex Matthews

San Diego, May 14, 2009 -- Calit2 at UC San Diego and the UC Digital Arts Research Network (UCDARnet) sponsored a recent symposium on art's role in addressing the current and historical relationship between technology and violence. It was in connection with a new gallery@calit2 exhibit about anti-personnel land mines.

The exhibit, "The Anti-Personnel Mines Project" by Argentine new-media artist Carlos Trilnick, runs through June 10, 2009 at the intimate gallery space on the first floor of Atkinson Hall. The interactive installation focuses on the long-term devastation that land mines produce, even decades after an armed conflict has ended. Trilnick was the keynote speaker at the "Violence, Technology and Public Intervention" symposium on April 24 at Calit2, which features panel discussion on public intervention as art -- and the art of public intervention. Artists from UC San Diego and other institutions talked about projects ranging from the "Public Secrets Project" to the "Transborder Immigrant Tool."

The symposium presentations are now available for on-demand viewing below [Windows Media Player and broadband connection required; click for information on the latest version, and on players for Mac and Linux users]. To watch each video, click on the image or highlighted video link.  

FRIDAY April 24
Brian Goldfarb
Brian Goldfarb, Associate Professor, Communication, UC San Diego
Length: 5:29 [video ]
Carlos Trilnick
Carlos Trilnick, Senior Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Development, University of Buenos Aires
Length: 6:21 [video ]
Public Intervention as Art
Sharon Daniel
Public Secrets Project
Sharon Daniel, Professor, Film and Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz
Length: 21:44 [video ]
Warren Sack
Conversation Map v.2.0 Project
Warren Sack, Associate Professor, Film and Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz
Length: 21:37 [video
Micha Cardenas
Transborder Immigrant Tool
Micha Cardenas, MFA Candidate, UC San Diego
Length: 29:54 [video
Panel 1
Panel Discussion
Respondent: Brian Goldfarb, Associate Professor, Communication, UC San Diego
Length: 38:25 [video]
The Art of Public Intervention
Rita Raley
Tactical Optics
Rita Raley, Associate Professor, English, UC Santa Barbara
Length: 18:29 [video
Amy Sara Carroll
Forensic Prescience, Domestic Violence
Amy Sara Carroll, Assistant Professor of Latina/o Studies, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Length: 24:33 [video
Jordan Crandall
Art as Destabilization
Jordan Crandall, Associate Professor, Visual Arts, UC San Diego
Length: 24:07 [video ]
Patrick Anderson
Panel 2 Discussion
Respondent: Patrick Anderson,
Assistant Professor of Communications,
UC San Diego
Length: 35:09 [video]

For related multimedia, including a talk by artist Carlos Trilnick, visit the gallery Web site.

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