On Display

By Anna Lynn Spitzer

Majumder's Planar Multi-projection display was chosen for the 2013 conference logo.

he planar multi-projection display in the Calit2 Visualization Lab had already grabbed the attention of a wide audience of researchers who saw it last March during the IEEE Virtual Reality international conference and exhibition held in Irvine.

The display is about to attract even more attention; it is featured in the logo for next year’s conference, scheduled for March in Orlando, Fla. (http://ieeevr.org/2013/).
The IEEE Virtual Reality conference is the premier event for international researchers in virtual environments, augmented reality, and 3D user interfaces, and the 2012 conference was the most attended in event history, according to Aditi Majumder, a Calit2 affiliate who served as co-chair. An open house held at Calit2 during the event showcased Majumder’s research projects, attracting nearly 450 people.

“This display is probably the most seamless multi-projector display wall in the country that is calibrated completely automatically,” she said, adding that the automation is achieved using inexpensive, off-the-shelf devices. A nine projector display can be assembled for less than $20,000 and is easily deployed, thanks to lab-developed user-friendly calibration software.
“It is a big milestone for multi-projector display wall technology.”

Majumder is pleased with her team’s contribution to the field and the wall’s newfound celebrity.

“All this visibility and reputation was built from scratch, brick-by-brick, through consistent quality research and dedicated service from the members of the iGravi (Interactive Graphics and Visualization) lab in ICS, with encouragement and support from the members of Calit2 and colleagues in ICS,” she said.

“It feels great to reach the visibility where we are part of the logo of the top international virtual reality conference in the world.”