Calit2 Helps Realcomm Sponsor International Space Station Project for Girls

Carlsbad and San Diego, CA, Oct. 23, 2012  -- With support from the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) and in partnership with the San Diego Science Alliance, Realcomm Conference Group, LLC, will sponsor a group of girls from 13 San Diego-area high schools who are building an experiment that will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in February 2013. An early-evening event to celebrate the upcoming launch will take place on December 4, 2012, in the Calit2 Auditorium of Atkinson Hall on the UC San Diego campus (a formal announcement with times and registration information is pending).

Realcomm is a global leader in providing education, information and networking opportunities on the topic of technology, automation and innovation for the commercial, corporate and institutional real estate industry. 

San Diego high school girls like these from the BE-WiSE program will build an experiment to be used on the International Space Station in 2013.

The San Diego girls' experiment will be one of seven student-­designed robotic micro-­labs that will be tested on the ISS next February. The micro­‐lab will spend one month in orbit in micro­‐gravity, traveling approximately 15 million miles at an altitude of about 250 miles above the Earth. Calit2, a partnership of UC San Diego and UC Irvine and a globally recognized organization that develops interdisciplinary, technology-driven projects, is a supporting sponsor of the project. 

"Through the years, I have seen a decline in math and science programs that truly engage our youth. Realcomm has been working for many years to raise money and awareness that would bring accelerated math and science education into the mainstream conversation. Sponsoring 15 young women from the BE WiSE program to install a micro-­lab experiment on the ISS was an excellent opportunity that could not be missed," said Jim Young, CEO and Founder of Realcomm. "Given that the ISS is the 'most intelligent building in the universe,' this fits very well with the mission and vision of Realcomm."

Realcomm is partnering with BE WiSE (Better Education for Women in Science & Engineering), an initiative that strives to makes a difference for talented young women who are encouraged to pursue careers in science and engineering. BE WiSE is a program of the San Diego Science Alliance, which is a catalyst for improving K-­12 science education in San Diego County. 

International Space Station ias seen from the space shuttle Discovery

BE WiSE will also be working in alliance with The Quest Institute for Quality Education and the AMSE
Institute of Valley Christian High School (VCHS) of San Jose, the founder of this extraordinary ISS program. This space station opportunity is made possible by NanoRacks, LLC, via its Space Act Agreement with NASA's U.S. National Lab. In addition to developing four of their own ISS experiments, VCHS students will also be designing, testing, qualifying and launching a communications satellite from the International Space Station in the Summer of 2013 via its relationship with NanoRacks.

Under the leadership of BE WiSE, Quest Institute for Quality Education and VCHS, the following are the San Diego County high schools represented by the students in this groundbreaking BEWise ISS Project:

  • Academy of our Lady of Peace
  • Canyon Crest Academy
  • Carlsbad High School
  • Cathedral Catholic High School
  • La Jolla High School
  • Mission Vista High School
  • Patrick Henry High School
  • Rancho Buena Vista High School
  • S.D. High School of International Studies
  • San Marcos High School
  • Santa Fe Christian Schools
  • The Bishop's School
  • Torrey Pines High School

This collaboration is an exemplary example of an extraordinary project that will stimulate interest in math and science. It allows these young women to apply what they have learned in the classroom, to work with engineers and professionals in the field and learn real-­‐world scientific industry techniques and new technologies. It is the groundwork for engaging girls in math and science and producing the next-­‐generation of leaders who will ultimately keep the economy moving in the right direction and the United States at the forefront of innovation.

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