Irvine Division Hosts Microsemi Engineers for ?Blue Sky? Day

By Anna Lynn Spitzer

02.17.05 – Six engineers from semiconductor manufacturer Microsemi Corp. and six UC Irvine Calit2 faculty participants shared ideas, information and insights this week during an informal collaborative session. The “blue sky” event, held at the new Calit2 Building on the UCI campus, served as a forum for discussions that extended beyond those possible in more formal research presentations.

Ender Ayanoglu

Ender Ayanoglu, Conexant/Broadcom Endowed
Chair and professor of electrical engineering and  
computer science, currently researches next-
generation wireless, broadband and optical
communications at UCI.

Hosted by Calit2 Irvine director Albert Yee , the event also enabled the Microsemi visitors to view working demonstrations of two research projects currently underway at the division. Visitors viewed a Project ResCUE demo that highlighted video surveillance and privacy-protecting data collection systems, as well as an Intelligent Transportation model that spotlighted AutoNet and the Paramics Grid.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science faculty members Ender Ayanoglu, Franco de Flaviis and Fadi Kurdahi, as well as Sharad Mehrotra, Department of Computer Science – Systems, and R. Jayakrishnan, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, joined Yee, who also serves in the Departments of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering, and Chemistry, in previewing their research. Microsemi engineers discussed their ongoing projects and product development, and over lunch, all 12 discussed possible collaborations.

The event yielded useful results. “The day was very productive in a number of ways,” commented Yee. “This was an opportunity to share some of our early-stage research with corporate engineers who may be able to apply it in their product development. In addition, we made new discoveries about each other’s interests and capabilities: Microsemi, for example, was pleased to learn that our facility has dedicated lab space for MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) research, an area we discovered they are very interested in exploring.”

Jay Jayakrishnan
Jay Jayakrishnan, associate professor of civil and
environmental engineering, showcases the Intelligent
Transportation demonstration for the group.

The Irvine division plans to build upon this “Blue Sky Day” concept, inviting other local companies to share their research and ideas with the Calit2 faculty in the hope of generating new collaborations.

Microsemi is a semiconductor manufacturer that specializes in system-engineered integrated circuits and high-reliability discrete devices for a number of markets, including mobile connectivity, notebooks/monitors, medical, defense/aerospace and automotive.

A long-time supplier of high-reliability discrete components to military and aerospace customers, Microsemi has become a global supplier of high-performance analog, mixed-signal integrated circuits and high-reliability discrete semiconductors that manage and regulate power, protect against transient voltage spikes, and transmit, receive and amplify electronic signals.

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