Calit2 at your R&D Service

By Anna Lynn Spitzer

Irvine, CA, October 17th, 2013 --For more than 10 years, Calit2 has been a campus hub for multidisciplinary, IT-enabled research projects. In an effort to bring these “value-added” collaborations to the next level, Calit2 recently announced expanded services for its academic and industry partners working in the areas of healthcare, energy, the environment and culture. 

Our new capabilities include proof-of-concept support, studies and surveys, fast prototyping, system-integration assistance and standard electronics testing. 

An expanded staff with expertise in hardware and software design, development and integration can assist faculty and industry partners with the following services:
•    Software development and cross-platform applications
•    Electronics system development and fabrication
•    Micro-system integration: micro sensors and actuators, rigid/flexible printed circuits
•    IT services: server access, software/hardware system integration, system maintenance and upgrades

Recently completed projects include:
•    A “smart” RFID tag that can monitor temperature of blood bags. Delivered to Maxwell Sensors.
•    A high-power, low-form-factor, remote-control radio-frequency switch 10 times more powerful than existing switches. Delivered to Samsung.
•    A Web-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) system platform that synchronizes with users’ cell phones, computers or tablets to provide real-time manufacturing updates and alerts. The platform is scalable and can accommodate future modules. Delivered to UCI’s Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility.

Ongoing projects include:
•    Patient Connect: a moving, talking robot that connects homebound or hospital-bound children with their classrooms wirelessly. Collaborators: Cox Communications, CHOC Children’s Hospital and the Orange County Department of Education
•    Pain Buddy: an animated avatar-based tablet application, which helps ill children convey the extent of their discomfort and connects them to their doctors, who can monitor them in real time. Collaborators: UCI School of Medicine’s Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care
•    Denerblate: innovative medical-device prototype to treat overactive bladders in a minimally invasive way. Collaborator: UCI School of Medicine’s Department of Urology

“Our goal is to provide a tailored technical solution to fit the short-term and long-term needs of our collaborators,” said Calit2 Irvine Director G.P. Li. “We’re doing more than just prototyping. We’re seeding projects by developing and shepherding them through the research process.”

For more information, contact Arthur Zhang, Calit2/CalPlug technology manager, 949-824-7866,