Irvine Health Foundation Gift Funds eHealth Efforts

By Shelly Nazarenus


Visitors from the Irvine Health Foundation tour Calit2's eHealth 

Irvine, July, 01, 2016 —The Irvine Health Foundation is partnering with Calit2’s eHealth Collaboratory to establish a research theme centered on healthy living for seniors in Orange County.

The foundation recently provided Calit2 with a cash donation to seed student design projects and researcher’s proof-of-concept efforts. Funds will also be used to initiate collaborative studies with public health officials and social scientists to understand the social and economic impacts of healthcare needs and solutions for the aging population in the southern California region.

“The Irvine Health Foundation looks forward to seeing great progress made in this endeavor,” said Ed Kacic, foundation president.

Located in the Calit2 Building third floor, the eHealth Collaboratory was established in 2010 as a truly collaborative space where technologists team with healthcare providers, patients and their families to share ideas, learn from each other and develop working prototype solutions. All facets of eHealth including telemedicine, robotics, mobile operating systems and wireless solutions are on the agenda with the ultimate goal being user empowerment.

Through this partnership, the Irvine Health Foundation will make resources and connections with various Orange County communities available to the Collaboratory. “Calit2’s mission is to fast-track university research into the commercial marketplace,” said G.P. Li, institute director. “We value our collaborations and are pleased to count the Irvine Health Foundation among our partners.”

--Shelly Nazarenus