Webcast of Irwin Jacobs Talk at The von Liebig Forum Now Streaming

3.5.05 -- Dr. Irwin Jacobs, co-founder, chairman and CEO of wireless leader QUALCOMM Inc., and a former Jacobs School of Engineering faculty member, gave a wide-ranging talk on innovation and commercialization at UCSD on March 2. His presentation is now available for on-demand viewing (click on box; Real player required), and the complete program is scheduled to air on UCSD-TV starting Monday, March 21.

 Irwin Jacobs
QUALCOMM founder
Irwin Jacobs at
The von Liebig Forum
Length: 24:42

Jacobs' talk was part of The von Liebig Forum, a series of "Profiles in Innovation," presented by the Jacobs School's William J. von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Advancement. The live webcast was co-sponsored by the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2).

 Irwin Jacobs and Paul Kedrosky
Von Liebig academic
director Paul Kedrosky
interviews Irwin Jacobs
and moderates Q&A
with audience.
Length: 51:01

In his presentation and the ensuing Q&A with von Lieibig Center academic director Paul Kedrosky, Jacobs discussed some of the major questions facing faculty members and other campus researchers as they work on technologies with market potential:

    §       Where do new and commercially valuable technologies come from?

    §       What is the role of research universities in commercialization?

    §      How can universities balance societal pressure for bringing research to market with remaining unfettered by market prospects?

The complete program -- including the Q&A session -- will air on UCSD-TV as part of its ongoing von Liebig Forum series. Viewers will be able to catch the program at the following times:

 Monday, March 21  8:00pm
 Tuesday, March 22  10:00pm
 Friday, March 25  7:00pm
 Sunday, March 27  8:00pm
 Monday, March 28  9:00pm
 Tuesday, March 29  11:00pm
 Friday, April 1  6:00pm
 Sunday, April 3  10:00pm

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