Call for New Media Projects to Showcase with UCSD?s Building Dedication

4.08.2005 -- The UCSD Center for Research in Computing & the Arts (CRCA) is planning a New Media Arts Festival in tandem with the opening of the new Calit2 building.  The Calit2 official ribbon-cutting event will kick things off Friday, October 28, and the festival will extend the activities through November 4.

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CRCA is seeking projects, demonstrations, and events to showcase the New Media Arts (NMA) wing on the ground floor of the building and highlight the interdisciplinary possibilities of art and technology. Any project or research demonstration that will contribute to highlighting the range and possibilities of the NMA wing within Calit2 is eligible.  To submit a project or activity, go to The deadline for submittal is Monday, April 18, 2005. 

Adriene Jenik of Visual Arts, Miller Puckette of Music, and Joseph Goguen of Computer Science and Engineering (all of UCSD) will lead a review process and make final selections. Any questions about the submittal or review process may be sent to Carol Hobson at .

About CRCA
CRCA is an organized research unit of UCSD whose mission is to facilitate the invention of new art forms that arise from the developments of digital technologies. Current areas of interest include interactive networked multimedia, virtual reality, computer-spatialized audio, and live performance techniques for computer music and graphics. CRCA has provided New Media Arts leadership in the UCSD division of Calit2.  For more information, see .