CANARIE to Showcase Virtual Design Studio @ iGrid 2005

9.23.2005 -- CANARIE – Canada’s Advanced Network for the Advancement of Research, Industry and Education – invites you to join us for our advanced network demos at iGRID 2005. The Virtual Design Studio features the digital reconstruction of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California. VDS assembles digital maps and survey data, orthographic CAD drawings, photographs, 3D non-contact imaging data (such as laser scanning and photogrammetry), 3D models, and other digital imaging and visualization techniques.

Salk Institute
Salk Institute for Biological
Studies, La Jolla, CA

Another demonstration features streaming HDTV images of a volcano forming at the bottom of the ocean. Stunning visuals!  For more information about CANARIE’s demos:

Don’t miss these exciting demos!

CANARIE – Canada’s Advanced Network organization

WHAT: iGRID 2005 Featured Presentation – Virtual Design Studio

WHERE: Multi-Purpose Room, Calit2, University of California, San Diego, iGRID 2005

WHEN: Monday, Sep 26: 6:30-8:00 pm

Additional sessions and demos at iGRID 2005:

Tuesday, Sep 27: Sessions all day (9:00 am -6:00)

Wednesday, Sep 28: 9:00 am-1:30 pm

Thursday, Sep 29: 9:00 am-1:30 pm

Interviews with senior CANARIE staff available upon request.

CANARIE is an active collaborator on the following iGRID 2005 demos:

CA101: World’s First Demonstration of X GRID Application Switching using User Controlled LightPaths

CA102: UCLP-Enabled Virtual Design Studio (part of CA 101)

US106: International 10Gb Line-Speed Security

US109: Exploring Remote and Distributed Data Using Teraflows

US110: LightForce: High-Performance Data Multicast Enabled By Dynamic Lightpaths

US111: DataWave: Ultra-High-Performance File Transfer Enabled By Dynamic Lightpaths

US117c: GLVF: The Solutions Server over Media Lightpaths

KO101: Interactive 3D HD Video Transport and Collaborative Data Analysis for e-Science over UCLP

TW101: Real-Time Observational Multiple Data Streaming and Machine Learning for Environmental Research using Lightpaths

SP101: GridON: Grid Video Transcoding using User-Controlled Lightpaths

About CANARIE Inc.
CANARIE is Canada ’s advanced Internet organization, a not-for-profit corporation funded by Industry Canada to facilitate the development and use of next-generation research networks and the applications and services that run on them. CANARIE promotes collaboration among key sectors and partners with innovators around the world, and in so doing stimulates innovation and growth and helps to deliver social, cultural, and economic benefits to all Canadians. For more information, visit

Media Contacts
Mats Lindeberg
Communications Manager, CANARIE Inc.
613-290-2118 (cell)