Calit2 Director Co-Chairs Search Committee for New Scripps Institution of Oceanography Director

San Diego, CA, October 1, 2005 -- Following the announcement that its long-time director is stepping down, the search is on for a new leader for UCSD's Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Calit2 director Larry Smarr has agreed to co-chair the search committee with Scripps professor Kendall Melville

Charles Kennel
Outgoing Scripps Director Charles Kennel

The new director will also inherit the two other titles held by Charles Kennel, who decided earlier this year to step down from his Scripps post to assist UCSD in developing its environmental sustainability efforts. His successor will also become UCSD's Vice Chancellor for Marine Sciences, and Dean of the Graduate School of Marine Sciences.

This week UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox announced the names of distinguished faculty and administrators who have agreed to join the search committee. Apart from co-chairs Melville and Smarr, the membership includes:

 >  Darwin Berg, Professor, Neurobiology;
 >  Ronald S. Burton, Professor, Scripps/MBRD/CMBB;
 >  Peter Cowhey, Dean, Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies;
 >  Stuart Goode, Scripps Council;
 >  Nigella Hillgarth, Executive Director, Birch Aquarium;
 >  V. Wayne Kennedy, UC Senior Vice President Emeritus - Business and Finance;
 >  Robert A. Knox, Research Scientist, Scripps/PORD;
 >  Robert L. Parker, Director, IGPP;
 >  William H. Press, Senior Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory;
 >  Daniel L. Rudnick, Professor, Scripps/PORD;
 >  Deborah H. Spector, Professor, Molecular Biology; and
 >  Christine Whitcraft, Graduate Student, Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

"The search committee will conduct an international search for a candidate at the full professor level who must be a scholar of distinction with an international  reputation," said Chancellor Fox, adding that "a record of effective academic administration and leadership skills beneficial to SIO's mission are required."