Calit2 to Participate in Range of Activities @ SC05

11.10.2005 -- Calit2 will have a visible presence across a broad range of activities at the annual Supercomputing conference, SC05, the premier international conference on high performance computing, networking, and storage, which is being held November 12-18 in Seattle.

Seattle convention center

Seattle Convention Center
where SC05 will take place

Calit2 will have an exhibit (#6107) jointly with the newly announced Center for Earth Observations and Applications at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography focusing on “Transforming Scientific Discovery Through Telecom and IT.” Projects to be featured in demos over the course of the three-day exhibition include:

Visitors will also be able to pick up copies of the Calit2 general brochure, a brochure on the Calit2 UCSD division, and a brochure describing the partnership between Calit2 and CEOA (all can be obtained online).

Located on the second floor of the exhibit hall, the Calit2-CEOA exhibit will be participating in the “Passport to Research” program, led by the National LambdaRail and in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Gigapop, the ResearchChannel, and Silicon Mechanics. This program is designed to encourage attendees to visit all participating exhibits to qualify for a prize drawing.

The OptIPuter project will also be showcased in demos in the following exhibits:

  • Dutch Consortium (#2444): Resource Brokering: Your Ticket into NetherLight and StarPlane (poster)
  • National Center for Data Mining (#2430): Exploring Remote and Distributed Data Using Teraflows and From Federal Express to Lambdas: Transporting SDSS Data Using UDT
  • National Center for Supercomputing Applications (#1639): High Definition Stereo Streaming
  • National LambdaRail (#6003): ScalableAdaptive Graphics Environment
    and Personal Varrier
  • Nortel Networks (#540): International Optical Multicast, The Virtual Machine,* and Token-Based Networking* (*presentations taking place in the Dutch Consortium booth, #2444)
  • University of Southern California (#652): Grid Visualization Toolkit with SCEC Data

OptIPuter partners will also participate in the following activities:

  • Technical Papers: Supporting Configurable Congestion Control in Data Transport Services, Yunhong Gu and Robert Grossman, University of Illinois at Chicago, National Center for Data Mining.
  • Tutorials: A Tutorial Introduction to High Performance Analytics – Part I, by Robert L. Grossman, Vipin Kumar, and Steve Eick. Monday, November 14, 8:30AM-5:00PM.
  • Masterworks: The Strategic Future of Data and the Mining of Massive Data Sets, by Jeff Nichols and Robert L. Grossman. Wednesday, November 16, 10:30-11:15AM. (Masterworks feature novel and innovative ways of applying advanced computing, communications, and storage technologies to solve challenging, real-world problems; this year this segment of the conference will focus on applications with global or international implications.)
  • STORCLOUD: Interactive Remote Visualization of Large, High-Resolution, Time-Varying Geophysical and Biological Datasets: LambdaRAM and LambdaStream.  This demonstration will use a linux cluster, Mac iCluster, the Calit2 cluster, and a cluster in Chicago to access aerial photographs of Southern California over OptIPuter and display them. Wednesday, November 16, 10:30-10:45AM   in the National LambdaRail booth (#6003). (STORCLOUD is a competition among evolutionary and revolutionary HPC storage technologies.)
  • Grid 2005: 6th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Grid Computing -- Web Services and Grid Security Vulnerabilities and Threats Analysis and Model (poster), Yuri Demchenko, Leon Gommans, Cees de Laat, Bas van Oudenaarde, University of Amsterdam, Advanced Internet Research Group (The Netherlands).

The Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA), partner of Calit2, will feature demos across several exhibits set up by its partner institutions from a range of countries flanking the Pacific Ocean.

Calit2 is also participating in the education portion of the conference. SDSC director Francine Berman is giving the keynote presentation Monday 9:00-10:30AM, and Calit2 staffer Jerry Sheehan has served as a member of the Education organizing committee.

UCSD’s Andrew Chien has served as a member of the Technical Papers committee.

Calit2-CEOA exhibit
Calit2-CEOA exhibit
Calit2-CEOA exhibit
Atul Nayak, SIO, in the Calit2-CEOA exhibit
Sandin, Thiebaux, Dawe
Dan Sandin, Marcus Thiebaux, and Greg Dawe
National LambdaRail exhibit
National LambdaRail
Smarr, Arzberger, Sandin
Larry Smarr, Peter Arzberger, and Dan Sandin
West and Smarr
Tom West, NLR, and Larry Smarr
Nicholas, EVL
Nicholas Schwartz, EVL, at the NLR exhibit
LOOKING people
Diedre Meldrum, John Orcutt, John Delaney (seated), and Kent Lindquist
LOOKING people
Debra Kelley, John Delaney, John Orcutt, Larry Smarr, and Diedre Meldrum, all members of the LOOKING project

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