Streaming Video of U.S.-India Summit Proceedings Now Available On-Demand

By Doug Ramsey, (858) 822-5825,

San Diego, CA, June 5, 2006  -- Calit2 organized and hosted the U.S.-India Summit on Education, Research & Technology on May 31, and all of the day-long conference's plenary talks and panel discussions are now available for on-demand viewing over the Internet.[Real player and high-speed access required].

Frieder Seible
Call to Order
Frieder Seible, Dean
Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD
Length: 1:51 [video]
Marye Anne Fox
Welcome to UCSD
Marye Anne Fox, Chancellor
University of California, San Diego
Length: 5:52 [video]
Kapil Sibal Opening
Opening Comments I
Kapil Sibal, Minister
Department of Science & Technology and Ocean Development  Length: 8:33    [video ]
Paul Jacobs
Opening Comments II
Paul E. Jacobs, CEO
QUALCOMM Incorporated
Length: 9:58 [video]
Bob Dynes
Opening Comments III
Robert C. Dynes, President
University of California
Length: 12:07 [video]
Ramesh Rao Opening
Introduction of President Kalam
Ramesh Rao, Director, UCSD Division
California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Length:  [video]
President Kalam
Keynote Speech and Q&A Session
His Excellency APJ Abdul Kalam, President
Government of India
Length: 1:02:57 [video]
Collaborative Opportunities in Education
Peter Arzberger
Introduction by Moderator
Peter Arzberger, Director
Life Sciences Initiative, UCSD
Length: 4:02 [video]
Richard Atkinson
U.S. Perspective on Educational Collaboration
Richard C. Atkinson, Former President
University of California
Length: 16:38 [video]
Anand Patwardhan
Indian Perspective on Educational Collaboration
Anand Patwardhan, Executive Director
Technology Information Forecasting & Assessment Council
Length: 20:52 [video]
Arzberger Q and A
Q&A with Audience
Peter Arzberger, Richard C. Atkinson, Anand Patwardhan
Length:  13:26 [video]
Economic Benefits and Challenges of Collaboration
Peter Cowhey
Introduction by Moderator
Peter Cowhey, Dean
International Relations and Pacific Studies, UCSD
Length: 4:51 [video]
William Owens
U.S. Perspective on Economic Collaboration
William Owens, Former Chairman
Nortel Ltd.
Length: 16:40 [video]
Sam Pitroda
Indian Perspective on Economic Collaboration
Sam Pitroda, Chair
India's National Knowledge Commission
Length: 19:49 [video]
Cowhey Q and A
Q&A with Audience
Peter Cowhey, William Owens, Sam Pitroda
Length: 17:25 [video]
Technical Session: Wireless Communications
Bill Hodgkiss
Introduction by Moderator
William Hodgkiss, Associate Director
UCSD Division, Calit2
Length: 4:01 [video ]
Roberto Padovani
U.S. Perspective on Wireless Communications
Roberto Padovani, Chief Technology Officer
QUALCOMM Inc. and Adjunct Professor, Jacobs School
Length: 14:57 [video]
Ashok Jhunjhunwala
Indian Perspective on Wireless Communications
Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Professor
Indian Institute of Technology-Madras
Length: 17:14 [video ]
Hodgkiss Q and A
Q&A with Audience
Bill Hodgkiss, Roberto Padovani, Ashok Jhunjhunwala
Length: 11:05 [video]
U.S.-India Models for Research and Education Collaboration
Gretchen Kalonji
UC International Strategy
Gretchen Kalonji, Director, International Strategy
UC Office of the President
Length: 8:20 [video]
Arabinda Mitra
Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum
Arabinda Mitra, Executive Director
Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum
Length: 13:41 [video]
Kathryn Sullivan
National Science Foundation
Kathryn Sullivan, Deputy Director, Office of International
Science and Technology, NSF
Length: 11:45 [video]
Venkat Rangan
Indo-U.S. Tele-Education Intiative
Venkat Rangan, Vice Chancellor
Amrita University
Length: 9:43 [video]
Ashok Kolaskar Indian Perspective
Ashok Kolaskar, Former Vice Chairman
University of Pune
Length: 10:45 [video ]
Walshok Q and A
Q&A with Audience
Mary Walshok, Gretchen Kalonji, Arabinda Mitra, Kathryn Sullivan, Venkat Rangan, Ashok Kolaskar
Length: 3:01 [video]
Science for Society
Mark Thiemens
Introduction by Moderator
Mark Thiemens, Dean
Division of Physical Sciences, UCSD
Length: 1:50 [video]
V.S. Ramamurthy
Indian Perspective on Science for Society
V.S. Ramamurthy, Former Secretary
Department of Science and Technology
Length: 23:42 [video]
V. Ramanathan American Perspective on Science for Society
V. Ramanathan, Professor
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Length:  18:08    [video ]
Thiemens Q and A
Q&A with Audience
Mark Thiemens, V.S. Ramamurthy, V. Ramanathan
Length: 13:48 [video]
Kapil Sibal India's Science and Technology Policy
The Honorable Kapil Sibal, Minister
Department of Science & Technology and Ocean Development  Length:  38:25   [video ]
Ramesh Rao
The Way Forward
Ramesh Rao, Director
UCSD Division, Calit2
Length: 1:40 [video]
Larry Smarr
Living in the Future: The Calit2 Experience
Larry Smarr, Director, Calit2
Professor, Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD
Length: 30:31 [video]
Elmer Heap
City of San Diego Proclamation
Elmer Heap, Director, Environmental Services
On behalf of Mayor Jerry Sanders. 
Length: 3:51 [video]

To enable the historic keynote address by President Kalam to the audience in California, Reliance Infocomm partnered with Calit2 and the Office of the President of India to deliver 155 megabits per second bandwidth between San Diego and the presidential palace, Rashtrapati Bhavan, in New Delhi.

Note: Three parallel technical sessions were not webcast because of technical constraints. For more information on the U.S.-India Summit on Education, Research & Technology, including the program, speaker bios, news releases and web articles that detail much of what happened during the event, click here or in Related Links below for the Summit website.

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