Irwin Jacobs Delivers Keynote at VentureForth Entrepreneur Conference

By Doug Ramsey, 858-822-5825,

Irwin Jacobs at VentureForth
QUALCOMM founder Irwin Jacobs
San Diego, CA, November 21, 2006 -- Irwin Jacobs, co-founder and former CEO of QUALCOMM Inc., was back on the UCSD campus Saturday, Nov. 18, to address a conference organized by the student group of budding entrepreneurs. The fourth annual VentureForth Entrepreneur Conference was hosted and co-sponsored by the UCSD Division of Calit2. Other sponsors included QUALCOMM, iVEEA (whose founder Ingrid Vanderveldt, a motivational speaker, gave the second keynote), Associated Students of UCSD, Simply Two, and I'm There for You Baby, a media company that promotes entrepreneurship.

The packed audience included a large contingent of students, postdocs and faculty researchers from UCSD, but also entrepreneurs, inventors and venture capitalists from the San Diego community. Apart from the keynotes, the conference staged four panel discussions on hot-button topics in the technology arena: how finance a venture; media-related businesses; the next generation Internet, dubbed Web 2.0; and engineering. In that latter session, Jacobs School of Engineering professor Sujit Dey provided insights gleaned from his successful launch of a company, Ortiva Wireless, based on research that emerged from Calit2's adaptive wireless systems project.

The talks and panel discussions in the Calit2 auditorium are now available for on-demand viewing. For technical reasons, the panel discussions that did not take place in the auditorium are not available via webcast. To view the streaming videos, click on the image or video link below [Real player and broadband connection required].

Irwin Jacobs
VentureForth Entrepreneur Conference 
January 18, 2006
Opening Keynote
Irwin Jacobs, Co-founder, QUALCOMM Inc.
Length: 1:00:54 [video]
Engineering Panel
Panel Discussion: Engineering
(l-r) Sujit Dey, UCSD; Tim Rueth, co-founder, Rhevision; Anton Monk, founder, Entropic Communications; Jon Driscoll, CEO, Izen Mobile. [Moderator: Anne O'Donnell, Jacobs School]
Length: 1:02:45 [video]
Ingrid Vanderveldt
Afternoon Keynote
Ingrid Vanderveldt, President, iVEEA
Length: 45:44 [video]
Web 2.0 Panel
Panel Discussion: Web 2.0
(l-r) Ryan Sit, founder and CTO, Dropshots; Paul Muret, founder, Urchin (now Google Analytics); David Liu, founder,; Alex Bard, CEO, Goowy. [Moderator: Paul Kedrosky, von Liebig Center, UCSD]
Length: 55:49 [video]

Lisa-Anne Chung of VentureForth at UCSD

Management science major Lisa-Anne Chung organized and chaired the 2006 Ventureforth Entrepreneur Conference. To watch her opening remarks, click here.

VentureForth is an entrepreneurial student organization dedicated to educating its members, promoting and honing professional and business skills, heightening awareness of industry trends and technologies, and enhancing critical thinking.

This year's conference was organized and chaired by Lisa-Anne Chung, a fourth-year management science major at UCSD. The event's vice chair was James Lu, who also organized the Web 2.0 panel. Other panel organizers included Jeff Mounzer, a double major in electrical engineering and economics, who organized the Engineering panel; Marsha Malinow, a fourth-year in international studies, economics and linguistics; and the venture finance panel organizer Jimmy Mar, a double major in management science and psychology.

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