New Technology from Teraburst Enables Real-Time Collaboration Between Immersive Visualization Centers Over Optical Networks

2.4.2002 -- TeraBurst Networks today unveiled its innovative Wide Area Visualization Solution (WAVS), designed to provide connectivity and real-time collaboration capability between geographically disparate locations of high bandwidth, 3D display and video applications, over optical networks. The solution combines TeraBurst's high performance optical networking platform with its newly developed digital imaging and audio/video/data mapping technologies capable of transporting video, audio and control data over a single wavelength in the optical network.

Several potential applications exist for this technology, including collaboration between different groups within the energy and government sectors, high-definition video distribution and computer-aided design collaboration. TeraBurst has announced that it is focusing initially on a 3-D stereographic video distribution application used in immersive visualization centers in the oil and gas industry.

"We are very proud to announce the first comprehensive solution in the industry to address the real-time collaborative interaction and wide-area connectivity requirements of the high-end graphics and computing communities. WAVS enables collaborators from different locations to meet in a virtual space and make decisions faster and with greater efficiency. For many industries, especially ones as geographically diverse as the oil & gas and defense industries, this could result in a direct impact to the bottom line," said Tom Myers, chief operating officer of TeraBurst Networks. "In fact, our initial demonstration was so compelling that ABC Television recently featured the technology in their 'Business Now' syndicated program."

WAVS' ability to provide secure, high-bandwidth, real-time connectivity across wide area networks provides users of high-end applications the opportunity to increase productivity and reduce resource constraints. TeraBurst recently tested the WAVS solution at the Center for Immersive Telecommunications for Global Exchange housed at San Diego State University (SDSU).

"We are grateful to TeraBurst for its support and the development of its innovative wide area immersive visualization solution which is currently scheduled to link SDSU with the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) over high- bandwidth fiber-optic connections," said Dr. Eric Frost, director of the Center for Immersive Telecommunications for Global Exchange at SDSU. "TeraBurst's offering is the only solution of its kind that will allow images to be sent to multiple, remote research centers focusing on immersive visualization for earth sciences, telemedicine, astronomy, manufacturing, performing arts, etc."

WAVS will be on display beginning mid-February at the Center for Immersive Telecommunications for Global Exchange at SDSU and is available for testing today. General availability is scheduled for March 2002.

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