Inaugural Event Links San Diego to Jerusalem in New Digital Humanities 'Co-Active' Connected Commemoration

San Diego, January 21, 2011 -- Scholars and cultural institutions in Israel and the United States are collaborating on a high-tech interactive platform linking audiences thousands of miles apart to mark the official United Nations commemoration in honor of the victims of the Holocaust.

Poster for the networked performances in front of audiences in Jerusalem and San Diego as a tribute to victims of the Holocaust.

On January 27 at 9:45AM Pacific time and 7:45PM Israel time, audiences in San Diego and Jerusalem will be part of 'Expressions', a musical program in what’s being dubbed as a ‘co-active’ cultural event, with simultaneous performers at both venues and audience members communicating with each other over the Internet and determining the sequence of musical tributes.

The Center for Research in Entertainment and Learning (CREL) at the University of California, San Diego and Beit Avi Chai in Jerusalem will host the venues. They are collaborating with Visual Exchange Network and to introduce the new digital humanities platform, joining scholarly communities in real time across the globe for the inauguration of an annual co-active commemorative event.

This new capability has been made possible by the support of the UC San Diego division of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), National LambdaRail, Pangaea Networks, and Bezeq International..

Date: January 27, 2011
Time: 9:45AM Pacific Time; 7:45PM Israel Time
Location: Calit2 Room 4004, Atkinson Hall, UCSD & Beit Avi Chai, Jerusalem

Producer Ella Belzberg, in conjunction with UC San Diego music professor Shlomo Dubnov and Co-Active Director Benjamin Stuart Thompson of Visual Exchange Network, together with Executive Producer Eitan Eliram of and Beit Avi Chai, are presenting the venue-to-venue event. The project aims to kick off a series of community events that would allow audiences to experience a new form of interactive and international engagement.

The program will include a keynote address by the scholar Dr. Yehuda Bauer. He is a Professor of Holocaust Studies at the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble will play two pieces: A string trio as well as a duet for violin and cello, composed by Gideon Klein, a  Czech pianist, composer of classical music and organizer of cultural life in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Soloist Natanel Baram will sing from San Diego with the accomplished Kol Rina choir performing in Jerusalem.

During a special co-active segment, entitled Expressions—as live music is performed by the jazz group HaLev v’ HaMayaan—audiences in both cities will be able to use their handheld devices or laptops to participate, as artwork created by victims of the Holocaust, provided by Yad Vashem will be shared venue-to-venue.

The program will be broadcast live on Jewish Life Television (JLTV), the only 24-hour, full-time TV network in the U.S. delivering Jewish-themed programming. Launched in 2007, JLTV is carried by DirecTV, ComCast and TimeWarner in 25 million homes across the United States.

Special thanks for the program go to Larry Smarr, Ramesh Rao, Tom DeFanti, Eitan Eliram, Danny Danieli, Michal Nakar, and Yael Boim Fein.

About CREL
The Center for Research in Entertainment and Learning (CREL) focuses on grassroots creativity and learning, while promoting research that combines artificial intelligence with interactive and participatory media to allow people to be more creative, informed and make better decisions in educational as well as entertainment environments. Launched in February 2010, the new center uses advanced IT technologies to help people deal with meaning in complex situations, such as questions that arise during story narratives, from films to business situations. CREL is housed within the University of California, San Diego Division of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2).

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About VEN
Visual Exchange Network (VEN) reaches across the network to draw groups dispersed across multiple locations together into close collaboration on an eye-opening scale. As an inter-professional media development and production group, VEN has expertise in the advanced network technologies required for venue-to-venue media models built on long-term education research. It is bolstered by strategic alliances with the most advanced education research networks, as well as trend-leading schools, universities and cultural institutions in the U.S. and internationally.

About is among the leading video services in Israel, providing real-time learning with large audiences at each location, video conferencing and streaming solutions. The company is well known in Israel for its expertise in the fields of eLearning, video streaming and video conferencing, as well as in comprehensive integration solutions.

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