Open Call for Final Phase of Drones at Home Exhibition: The Book

December 3, 2012 / By admin

San Diego, Dec. 3, 2012  -- The UC San Diego campus community and public at large are invited to submit materials for potential inclusion in a book that represents the culmination of a year-long exhibition, Drones at Homes, in the gallery@calit2 on the UCSD campus. 

In October, Prof. Ricardo Dominguez talks about Phase 3 of the Drones at Home exhibition, during a performative workshop titled Unmanned Interventions.
December 13 at 5pm is the deadline for anyone interested in providing content to a book that will become the final part of the Drones at Home year-long exhibition in the gallery@calit2.

Drones at Home explores the strange allure of drones and the push for their domestication — by governments, corporations, and everyday citizens.

Drones at Home is understood at multiple scales: at the level of the individual, backyard, community, border region, and homeland. The San Diego region is featured prominently and regional issues are explored as exemplars of global phenomena. The exhibition also departs from any strict interpretation of the form that a drone must take; the project expands on the unmanned nature of the drone as symbolic of a larger condition -- ecologies where the status of the human is called into question, distributed and embedded in a wider field of shared intelligence.

Poster for the first phase of the Drones at Home exhibition in the gallery@calit2

Konya Saç Ekimi Mynet SohbetKonya Chat Saç Ekimi  BadooZoosk

Drones at Home
was presented in three phases during 2012. Phase 1 was an exhibition; Phase 2 consisted of panels and a workshop; and Phase 3 focused on the creation of new drone projects in collaboration with invited artists and research groups at the University of California, San Diego division of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2). The year-long exhibition was co-curated by Sheldon Brown, Jordan Crandall and Ricardo Dominguez.

The final phase of Drones at Home will focus on developing a book that will gather the multiple threads of the art projects, conversations, dialogues, essays, and the growing database of drone culture at large produced by the exhibition this year.

To amplify this final phase of developing Drones at Home: The Book, the curators are making an OPEN CALL for materials responding to the Drones at Home theme through December 13, 2012. These can be image based, text based, or other potential interventions. The gallery@calit2 will be open Monday through Friday, 11am to 5pm, for anyone interested in participating and sharing their work. They are invited to come by and put it up in the gallery. Alternatively, materials can be emailed to Nick Goto:, for possible inclusion in the book.

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