Calit2 Expands RSS Feeds to Include Upcoming Events and News Clips

The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) is expanding the types of content that viewers will be able to access through Really Simple Syndication (RSS). The institute is making it easier for the public to stay up-to-date with upcoming events at Calit2, as well as with the stream of reports in the media about Calit2-related research and activities.

Until now, Calit2 operated a single RSS 2.0 feed, which will continue to deliver the six most recently posted original articles or news releases from the Calit2 NewsRoom. That feed will remain, and readers can subscribe by clicking on this XML graphic xml rss feed , then cut and paste the URL of the RSS feed -- -- into your news reader (for more on subscribing to RSS feeds, see below).

In addition, the institute has implemented two new RSS feeds:

- Calit2 Events xml rss feed
- Calit2 In the News xml rss feed

The Events RSS feed keeps track of the latest seminars, conferences and other meetings posted on the Calit2 website. Most are sponsored or co-sponsored by the institute, or will take place in one of the Calit2 buildings (at UC Irvine or UC San Diego).

The In the News RSS feed provides the six most recent media clips about Calit2 projects or participating researchers, culled from the web, print articles, television clips, and so on.

Please send us feedback if you would like us to increase the number of news items in any of these feeds (now limited to six in each feed), or if you have suggestions or questions.

Note: If you are still using Internet Explorer version 6 or lower, you can subscribe to any of these feeds but IE6 is not optimized for RSS; it is suggested that users upgrade to IE7, or cut and paste the URL of the RSS feed into the address line of another web browser, including Mozilla FireFox.

Terms of Use:
The RSS feed is provided free of charge for use by individuals and nonprofit organizations for personal, non-commercial uses only (including in a website or blog). We reserve the right to require that you cease distributing content.

For those unfamiliar with RSS:
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a family of XML file formats for syndicating web content. It is often used by news websites and weblogs (aka blogs), as well as other websites, to easily share the most recent headlines or newest content on the webpage.

This information is delivered as a short description of the new content together with a link to the full text. These XML files are called RSS feeds, webfeeds, RSS streams, news feeds, and RSS channels.

RSS feed readers or aggregators:
To utilize this service, you will need a news reader (aka aggregator). There are many (many!) different kinds of readers and aggregators available. The majority are free of charge. Some are accessed through your web browser, while others are downloadable applications. All allow you to display and subscribe to the RSS feeds you want.

For additional background and technical information, there are a variety of sources available, including many of the major news sites, technical reference sites and Wikipedia. Wikipedia also provides an extensive list of available news aggregators.