Ludaescher, Bertram

Researcher, San Diego Supercomputer Center
adjunct professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Division: UCSD
Phone: 858-822-0864
Fax: 858-534-5113
Room: 413
Mail code: 505
Research Layer: Interfaces & Software

Bio: Professor Ludäscher's current interests include information integration (model-based/semantic mediation), especially of scientific data, and management of semistructured data (XML) database languages (active, deductive, object-oriented). Under his direction, researchers at SDSC's KBIS Lab (see bio) conduct research in Data & Knowledge Engineering to support the management and integration of scientific data. Scientific data management often requires a combination of traditional database technology and knowledge representation techniques. Main areas of research include: data modeling, knowledge representation, and query processing for model-based mediation (a.k.a. semantic mediation), scientific databases and workflows, and knowledge-based digital libraries and archives.


  • Knowledge-based information systems
  • information integration (model-based/semantic mediation) esp. of scientific data
  • management of semistructured data (XML)
  • database languages (active, deductive, object-oriented), query evaluation
  • database theory