Teneyck, Lynn

Researcher, San Diego Supercomputer Center
associate professor, Pharmacology
Division: UCSD
Phone: - -
Email: lteneyck@sdsc.edu
Fax: - -
Room: 3131
Mail code: 505
Research Layer: Digitally Enabled Medicine


  • 1970          Ph.D. in Biochemical Sciences, Princeton University
  • 1964          B.S. in Biology, California Institute of Technology


Extensive studies of protein interactions and applications of computation to problems of biological structure. Developed Fast Fourier Transform methods for crystallographic computations, and helped solve the structure of human deoxyhemoglobin to high resolution. Participated extensively in the determination of the structures of a number of proteins and numerous mutated or chemically modified variants of these. Analysis of the structure of the cAMP dependent protein kinase and related structures. Prediction and theoretical analysis of protein-protein interactions. Computational analysis of signal transduction pathways and physiological systems.