Wooley, John

Professor, Pharmacology
otherDivision: UCSD
Phone: 858-822-3630
Email: jwooley@ucsd.edu
Fax: 858-822-4767
Room: 3806
Mail code: 446
Research Layer: Digitally Enabled Medicine

Bio: My interests in the area of the Pharmacology Department and for campus as a whole are to establish new research and education opportunities in novel interdisciplinary science programs that exploit existing faculty research strengths. For Pharmacology, my goals include developing a Center for Molecular Recognition, beginning with studies on drug docking, and facilitating the establishment of programs exploiting pharmaco-genomics. My own research has focused on structure-function relationships in protein-nucleic acid complexes and the architecture of chromatin and ribonucleoproteins. Over the past decade, I was involved in developing a series of programs for the federal government, from collaborating on the first stages of the genome project to establishing the first federal programs in bioinformatics and in computational biology, as well as new interdisciplinary training programs. My primary responsibilities at the University of California San Diego are to serve as part of the campus academic leadership team in establishing priorities and undertaking new initiatives, in developing and implementing new research and training programs in science and engineering. Pharmacology should benefit strongly from new computational science thrusts on the campus and from the coordinated effort in structural genomics, a second phase of international genome projects aimed at using physical science tools to uncover the information content of newly discovered genetic information. I look forward to finding collaborative efforts with the Pharmacology Department and in particular to bringing together computational science and experimental pharmacology to explore major ques-tions in the mechanisms for molecular recognition.

Most relevant to my immediate goals is a review paper I edited on a broad range of opportunities for computational science to contribute to experimental biology; this review is found at http://cbcg.lbl.gov/ssi-csb/Program.html; an over-view document is also hyperlinked at that site, as are view graphs on next generation biology, the requirements for next generation computing.