Maria Feng

Feng, Maria

Professor, Civil Engineering
Division: UCI
Phone: 949- 824-2162
Fax: 949- 824-2117
Research Layer: Environment & Civil Infrastructure


Feng works in the area of structural engineering. Within this broad area, she studies experimental mechanics, structural analysis and design, structural dynamics and vibration control. Her work focuses on the science and technology of earthquake and wind protection, structural health monitoring, and damage detection methods for civil infrastructure systems.

Feng is currently conducting an analysis of seismic fragility. She is developing optical fiber sensors for monitoring the health of bridges and other civil structures, and mega-sub control strategies for high-rise buildings. She also is researching seismic isolation and energy dissipation systems for bridges, and the seismic retrofit of bridges using advanced composite materials. She also is developing electromagnetic imaging techniques for damage detection in jacketed RC columns and determining methods for the seismic protection of electric power systems.

Dr. Feng is an application leader in the area of Environment and Civil Infrastructure in the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology.


structural analysis and design, structural dynamics and vibration control