People explore 3-D display
November 21, 2022
Nine Insights into the Metaverse from the QI Stage
What is the Metaverse, and how will it affect our future, socially and economically? Those were questions addressed at a recent event at QI's Atkinson Hall.
Three men outside Atkinson Hall

November 15, 2022
Passion and persistence fuel biotech startup

November 14, 2022
Researchers Create Novel Device to Measure Nerve Activity for Treatment of Sepsis, PTSD

November 1, 2022
New Musical Virtual Reality Experience Opens at the Gallery QI

October 26, 2022
Schmidt Futures Announces UC San Diego as Partner of $148M Global Initiative to Accelerate AI Use in Postdoctoral Research

October 17, 2022
Fresh Perspectives, Art Premiere at the Qualcomm Institute with the 2022-23 IDEAS Season