UCSD Division to Offer 5th Summer Undergraduate Research Program

2.23.05 – The UCSD division, again this coming summer, will offer its 10-week undergraduate research scholarship program. We expect to offer approximately 20 fellowships at $4,000 each for 10 weeks of full-time research. Eligible students are undergraduates in all majors in degree programs at UCSD, including students graduating the spring of 2005.  The deadline for application is March 14.

Students at poster session at Calit2 Day @UCSD

This program will provide talented undergraduates with hands-on research experience to help them better define their career goals and help them sort out what options to pursue after graduating. Some former undergraduate scholars have indicated that the scholarships were important assets to their graduate school applications.

Do you enjoy research to incline you to apply to graduate school? This program will provide experience conducting research, ideas on how to apply to graduate school, and the best ways to make your application competitive.

Do you prefer to work after graduation? This program will provide guidance on the difference between working in academia vs. working in industry and what makes for success in each venue. Why would you choose one over another? Get involved in this program to find out.

Student scholars, in addition to conducting their research projects, will participate in 6-8 2-hour lunch meetings during the summer. This program provides an opportunity to learn about the institute, meet key staff, and get to know fellow scholars across a broad range of disciplines.

Because technical degree programs typically don’t include communication topics, these sessions will highlight life-important skills in communication that span oral and written communication, poster presentations, the “10-second elevator speech” or explaining to your neighbor why your research is worthy of government funding, dos and don’ts of interacting with media, the weight of proposal writing in an academic career, the value of storytelling in writing a compelling executive summary, etc.

The program, fashioned on the Research Experiences for Undergraduates program funded by the National Science Foundation, is also known for its oversight personnel who go the extra mile in mentoring the participants.

To apply, do the following, all no later than March 14:

Review Calit2’s Website (www.calit2.net) for more information about the institute.

Identify a faculty advisor that agrees to supervise you for the summer.  You should make arrangements with the faculty member prior to applying. Scholarship funding will flow through your advisor’s lab.

Submit an application through our Website. Outline a proposed research project in the application form in concert with the proposed advisor. To be competitive, your proposal should be relevant to Calit2’s mission. It should relate to telecommunications and/or information technology and, ideally, be interdisciplinary in nature. http://web.calit2.net/ucsd/events/scholar/ugrad_scholarReg.html

Request a letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor to be sent to ugradprogram@calit2.net or mail code 0436 attn. Megan Laver.

Questions should be addressed to ugradprogram@calit2.net.

Awardees will be selected by a committee consisting of faculty advisors to UCSD division director Ramesh Rao. Selections are likely to be announced by April 1.