Calit2 ResearchCyberinfrastructure

Calit2 will continue its leadership in high-performance, data-intensive cyberinfrastructure by bringing novel applications into the campus, national, and international- scale systems. We hope to deploy campus-wide, scientific-instrument, optical-fiber data utilities, with backplanes on the order of hundreds of Gigabits/sec by the end of the decade. Cloud-like capabilities will become more useful for science as we explore campus, commercial, and federal agency clouds on a variety of disciplinary needs. Scalable 3D visualization systems will be developed with greater use of sound and gesture control. The cross-disciplinary middleware required to use such extreme distributed systems will emerge from our large-scale developments in large funded projects, such as CAMERA and the Ocean Observatories Initiative. Besides the standard Internet, we will research cyber-physical systems, hybrid wireless/photonic communications fabrics, and future Internet architectures.