Calit2 ResearchNano-MEMS

In the last half century, Moore’s law has guided the semiconductor industry in developing technologies for applications in IT, communications, control, and consumer electronics. A new paradigm shift is emerging in the industry towards heterogeneous integrations of new materials, devices and systems using nano-MEMS technologies for adjacent field applications, such healthcare, energy, and environments. Over the next decade, Calit2 faculty will research how Nano-MEMS trends will make possible an unprecedented level of sensing and diagnostics in the health sciences. They are particularly well positioned to make advances in medical devices, nanofluidics, and integration of microelectronics with embedded biological sensors. In Energy, battery technology may be revolutionized through new advances in nanotechnology, and major improvements are possible in solar and fuel cells. Both campuses are looking for disruptions in manufacturing enabled by nanotechnology, specifically in the disciplines of nano-metrology, nano- biological integration, and low-cost, large-scale nanofabrication.