Calit2 ResearchWireless

The explosive growth in demand for spectrum is driven by the increasing number of mobile devices and the expectation that they will be used for high-bandwidth applications, such as video. To meet this challenge, Calit2 faculty is researching how to dynamically exploit all available degrees of freedom (frequency, space, time, and polarization) and heterogeneousand opportunistic use of the 500 MHz to 5 GHz spectrum. Faculty is also looking at very wide-band wireless data delivery to enable 3D video and cloud computing. The shift from centralized to distributed systems (femtocells and mesh networks) will continue, as will the exponential growth of the Internet of things. To innovate around these trends, our faculty is working on advanced coding and MIMO systems, reducing the power consumption of radio systems, mixed signal circuits, and coping with the nonlinearity of radio components and the heterogeneity of radio capabilities. Both campuses are developing high- fidelity experimental platforms.