Calit2 ResearchPhotonics

Calit2 has faculty investigating photonics in telecommunications as well as environmental mapping and biophotonics. Our faculty is investigating novel methods for shifting to ultra-low-energy transmissions (Attojoule/Bit) and ultra-high-bandwidth (petabits/sec). Because of Calit2ís strengths in information theory, wireless, and photonics,there are major opportunities for wireless/photonic fusion by designing photonics-RF processors. Moving to a low-carbon economy is going to require both real-time carbon mapping for monitoring and much more efficient combustion. Calit2 has programs in photonic carbon-band sensors and multi-band and octave-spanning spectroscopy to enable ultra-fast combustion physics capture. In the health sciences, we see hyperspectral body imaging made possible with mid-infrared scanners and a move toward zero- collateral surgery using blood-targeted lasers.